Stop the U.S. Government’s Murder of Endangered Gray Wolves

Target: Aurelia Skipwith, Director, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Goal: Stop killing endangered gray wolves and instead promote changes to cattle ranching.

Four endangered Mexican gray wolves were murdered by the United States government. This marks the deadliest day for the gray wolf population since 2006, when nine gray wolves were killed. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service defends its actions by saying that it acted in the interest of the livestock industry.

Farmers and cattle ranchers have complained that their livestock are being murdered by the gray wolves who encroach on their property. However, cattle ranchers are not following recommended procedures to keep their livestock safe. Many of the cattle die from non-wolf causes. Wolves simply feed on the carcasses that the ranchers refuse to move. In addition, wolf populations only became more aggressive after ranchers and government officials started killing them.

The damages the livestock industry is facing are human-driven, not caused by this endangered species. The Mexican gray wolf should not pay the ultimate sacrifice for the neglect of the government and cattle ranchers. Demand that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service respect the Endangered Species Act and outlaw the governmental killing of these endangered wolves.


Dear Director Skipwith,

Four endangered Mexican gray wolves were brutally slaughtered by government officials in an act of retribution for damages sustained by cattle ranchers. However, it is the neglect of the cattle ranchers that has led to the decrease in livestock, not the wolves. Wolves have only preyed on carcasses not removed by ranchers. In the instances they do attack, it is in an act of self defense.

Your agency oversees the Endangered Species Act. Do not negate your own duties. End the slaughter of this endangered species.


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Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett



  1. This vendetta by the US government on America’s wolves for the sole benefit of the ranching community is horrendous; we are supposed to take care of our wildlife not actively work to exterminate wildlife. Ranchers need to address the predator problem, not the F&G agencies – try trained dogs like most of the world uses, fences, police you livestock instead of wolves etc. There is no reason to use outdated and heinous actions for the benefit of a group of introduced animals over native animals.

  2. Aurelia Skipwith, Director, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

    Stop killing endangered Gray Wolves and instead promote changes to cattle ranching.

    Leave the precious and innocent Gray Wolves alone you lowlife animal murdering monsters from hell.

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