Stop Killing Wolves and Endangering Wildlife With Torturous Poison

Target: Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health for Canada

Goal: End the torturous killing of wolves and other wildlife with strychnine.

Wolves continue to die of strychnine poisoning in Canada, despite the recent ruling that the toxin could not be used for ground squirrels due to its dangers to other non-targeted wildlife. Authorities claim that its use in wolves is far less widespread, reducing the risk, however this terrible poison is cruel and should not be used at all. Demand that Canada refocus its conservation efforts and protect its animals from agonizing death.

“I want people to question whether they are willing to sterilize the landscape and kill everything that is not a caribou and call that conservation,” stated Sadie Parr of Wolf Awareness. She and other wildlife advocates have spoken out against the use of strychnine to poison wolves and other pests in Alberta. The province places 200 tablets of strychnine out in caribou habitat every year in order to protect from wolves. However, the poison was found to more likely to kill other animals, including foxes, coyotes, lynx, eagles and a grizzly bear. These were only the carcasses found and do not include those eaten by other animals, who would also have been poisoned.

Strychnine brings a slow and painful death and its use should be forbidden for all creatures. Sign below and demand that the Canadian government end the use of this horrific poison.


Dear Minister Hajdu,

Imagine being strangled to death by your own muscles. This is the fate of hundreds of animals in Alberta every year, where strychnine is routinely used to eliminate wolves from caribou habitat. The wolves are not the only victims of this deadly poison, however. Other wildlife, including lynx, coyotes, eagles, and foxes, are the more likely victims of strychnine poisoning. In addition, any animal that consumes their carcasses will suffer the same terrible fate.

You recently banned the use of strychnine to eliminate ground squirrels due to its dangers to local wildlife. While its use with wolves is not as widespread, it is still an incredibly toxic substance that harms innocent beings.

I demand that you take a stand for animal conservation and completely ban the use of strychnine in Alberta.


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  1. Poison the vile incompetent politicians who authorised this murdering of poor defenceless animals!!!!!An eye for an eye!!!!! A slow and agonising death for these bastards is essential.

  2. Hi and thanks for putting this together!!! If possible, can you please edit the number of tablets per season to read 400. The number provided by government to Bob Weber who wrote the article you are quoting was only for one range, it happens in two ranges and should read 400.

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