Protect Koala Bears from Imminent Extinction

Target: Scott Morrison, Prime Minister, Australia

Goal: Protect koala bears from extinction after rapid population decline due to devastating brushfires.

The population of koala bears in Australia has declined by over 50 percent in less than two decades. If the species isn’t classified as endangered and afforded the protections that come with the status, it will surely go extinct, leading to the loss of one of the planet’s most unique and beloved species.

Over 6,000 koala bears were killed during the recent Australian brushfires. In 2012, the species was listed as vulnerable. In less than a decade, researchers and conservationists are urging that classification to be upgraded to the most severe level. Should Australia lose the koala bear, it will lose its national icon.

Sign the petition to ask that the koala bear be given endangered species status by the Australian government and the protections that come with it. Australia and the world cannot lose this species.


Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

Following your nation’s devastating brushfires, over 6,000 koala bears have vanished. In less than two decades, the population of the beloved bear has declined by over 50 percent. If protections are not afforded to the koala bear now, the species will surely be lost for good.

The koala bear is the symbol of Australia’s unique ecosystem. It is also a beloved animal worldwide. To lose the koala bear would be catastrophic for your nation and for the planet. I demand that species be classified as endangered and awarded much-needed protections.


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Photo Credit: Heather Paul



  1. Krista Bown says:

    They’re NOT bears! They’re a marsupial, which means they have a pouch like a kangaroo!

    • They are titled as koala bears.This is not an error.They are not bears.This is just their title.I am fully aware all about the koala as I am Australian.Koalas most definitely must be listed as an endangered species as their numbers are on the decline.

      • Rob Dexter says:

        It IS an error. A taxonomy error. Their title does not have bear in it anywhere official. Just like civets are not cats, koalas are not bears. Only children and foreigners call them bears.

        They were *BUSH*fires. More than brush got burnt. Much, much more.

        Australia doesn’t have an official National animal. Unofficially, it is the red kangaroo. The koala is AN icon, not THE icon.

        Other than that, great petition! 😉

        Forgive me for I am pedantic.

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    These precious animals need to be protected or there won’t be any left. More and more animals are going extinct because of the careless actions of humans.

  3. Scott Morrison, Prime Minister, Australia

    Please protect our precious and innocent Koalas from extinction after rapid population decline due to devastating brushfires and the deliberate illegal destruction of their Habitates which you and your cronies have allowed.

    Scott Morrison you are an absolure disgrace allowing the destruction of the precious Koala’s Habitates.

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