Punish Man Who Allegedly Kicked, Punched, and Dragged Cow Across Property

Target: Bernard A. Carter, Prosecutor for Lake County, Indiana

Goal: Seek felony conviction in case of man who allegedly dragged and abused cow.

A towing company president apparently used his “skills” to inflict horrific abuse on a defenseless cow. Paul Marshall stands accused of dragging his tied-up cow behind an ATV and punctuating this cruelty with repeated bouts of punching and kicking the poor animal. This man seemingly already almost escaped justice once when police officers walked away after he claimed he went “a little over the top” with “training” his cattle. A video of this deplorable alleged incident, however, has finally led to charges. Marshall must now answer for his alleged actions.

Authorities who watched the video recounted how Marshall reportedly dragged the cow, whose legs were splayed apart on the pavement, down a paved driveway slick with rain, down a gravel portion of the driveway and over the grass in his front yard.” The video, recorded by nearby observers, also apparently shows the fallen cow attempting to rise several times. At each of these points, Marshall allegedly exited the vehicle and proceeded to pummel this innocent animal with kicks and punches. Then, Marshall seemingly got back in the ATV and proceeded with the dragging.

Despite video evidence of this apparent abuse, Marshall only faces misdemeanor charges, which could very well leave him free to inflict more long-term damage on other cattle under his ownership. Sign the petition below to demand this alleged abuser face real justice and punishment to the fullest extent of the law, if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Carter,

How seriously does this community take grave abuse and torture inflicted on another living being? Judging by the misdemeanor charges filed against Paul R. Marshall, the apparent answer to this important question is highly troubling. The first time this man was questioned, he was able to talk his way out of charges or even an investigation. Then the video came.

Recorded video by potential eyewitnesses reportedly shows Marshall punching and kicking an animal under his “care” without mercy. These alleged behaviors are disturbing and grotesque enough, but Marshall seemingly compounds them by dragging the defenseless cow behind his vehicle in a shocking act that invokes too many haunting images of past atrocities. Why does such depravity only merit misdemeanor charges? Mr. Marshall owns other animals, and he even claimed in his initial statement that two of his cattle were “hard to train.” If he is guilty and given a slap on the wrist, he will feel empowered to commit more crimes….and the next victims may not be so fortunate to survive.

Do you really want to offer an implicit stamp of approval to this seemingly baseless cruelty and torture? Give this case the attention, and the legal penalty, it deserves by filing felony charges.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lake County Sheriff’s Department



  1. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    Prosecute this scumbag to the full extent of the law and hopefully someone will beat the living shit out of him. Again, when is the government going to step in and protect these innocent animals by making animal cruelty and abuse a felony punishable by death. Maybe then these fuckheads will think twice before hurting innocent animals.

  2. Catherine Emerson says:

    Looks like his parents are brother and sister.
    As for those PC plods. They should be sacked.

  3. What is wrong with this world? I hope someone gets even with this sick, demented animal abuser. May he rot in hell for eternity for his actions against a defenseless animal. Prosecute this sick fuck please.

  4. Pail R Marshal is an evil aubhiman with anger issues and will eventually Kill someone. He has beaten women and. NOw this calf, who knows how many others, how long will it take before law is put in place and this sadiatic scum gwts long jail time. Im sure, someone will do to Paula R Marshall what he truly deserves!!! If i was in Indiana, i know I would!!!

  5. This is no man, this is a COWARD!! Please punish this horrible coward and not allow him to have possession of any animal….

  6. This man is a violent pig (although pigs are not violent and are better looking). Please,please punish this horrible man. This was a defenseless creature. Your decision will be anticipated. Please make an example of him.

  7. Tamara Austin says:

    U ugly pos die already ok? I would love to help you. Garbage ass face!

  8. Tamara Austin says:

    Needs to fuckin die!!!!!

  9. Cheryl Mefford says:

    This man should not be allowed to own animals when he treats them like this. He definitely needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but should never be allowed to own animals of any kind.

  10. Death penalty for this bastard sick.

  11. Sick fuck drag him behind a vehicle and see how he would like it but back up and just run him over and fucking die. When are ever going to see a judge give the full extent of punishment that these fucks deserve. They are as bad as the person who does these crimes.

  12. That FAT UGLY SON OF A BITCH REALLY MUST HAVE HAD A CRUEL FAMILY GROWING UP…..nevertheless I hope the law has balls and gives the shit of a man max punishment …

  13. God he is an UGLY FAT LOOKING MAN …

  14. PM is a vile and evil monster who must be severely punished. If he is not punished he will continue to abuse, torture and kill innocent animals that have no voice.


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