Don’t Make Animal Cruelty Legal in UK

Factory Farm - Mercy for Animals Canada

Target: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Goal: Protect millions of animals from inhumane slaughter by upholding animal welfare standards.

Thousands of animals in the UK may be vulnerable to cruelty now that the country is no longer tied to EU animal welfare standards. Prior to Brexit, the UK upheld 44 standards for the humane treatment of farm animals, wildlife, pets, and research animals. Now that these EU standards do not apply, animal rights in the UK face an uncertain future. Ask that animal rights be upheld.

The UK may decide to open trade agreements with countries with minimal animal welfare regulations, including the US, where factory farms and unregulated slaughtering practices allow horrific treatment of farm animals. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, may choose to value profits over animal rights and allow animal cruelty to occur in his own country and those he does business with.

If the UK does not act now to protect the rights of its most vulnerable inhabitants, it will be a blow for animals rights around the world. Sign below to demand that Johnson reinstate comprehensive animal welfare standards in the UK.


Dear Prime Minister Johnson,

A great deal has changed for the UK since Brexit, and it is your responsibility to ensure that these changes are for the better, not for the worse. Your country has the opportunity to maintain the animal welfare standards imposed by the EU and to create a future of justice and sustainability for the UK.

Many countries around the world, including the US, allow the use of brutal slaughtering practices and inhumane treatment in industrial farms. Many animals bred for market are kept indoors with barely enough room to move until they die, and their young are routinely mutilated to keep them from damaging themselves.

You must act against this deplorable cruelty and ensure that such practices do not become commonplace in your own country. I urge you to reinstate animal welfare standards comparable to those followed before Brexit in the UK.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mercy for Animals Canada

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    We demand that PM Boris Johnson reinstate comprehensive animal welfare standards in the UK!!! Just because they are no longer in the EU doesn’t give them license to allow animal cruelty or barbaric practices! What they do, or fail to do, will have an impact on the whole world where animal welfare is concerned.

  2. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Only 1 wish for ALL animal/children abusers – CORONA VIRUS!!!!!

  3. The people that allow the poor pigs to live like that is so very cruel.
    My wish would be for those people to be kept in one of those cages for a couple of weeks may teach them how cruel they are.
    This virus is brought on from so much horrible animal abuse.

  4. I have worked as a Forensic Mental Health Professional and trauma therapist for over 25 years. During this time, I have contracted with jails, prisons, and community corrections in various states, after working as a correctional officer for a few years. I can attest that there is a very strong correlation between the way people treat animals of any kind and the way they can all-too-easily, and without hesitation, remorse, or empathy, treat fellow human beings. If you would not want your son, daughter, sister, brother, grandchild, or parent treated this way, take a stand and sign every petition against animal abuse that you can find – wild and domestic, in the USA and across the world! YES, the pictures & videos are heart-wrenching but ignoring them does not solve the problem. Be brave for the innocent; when you ignore this cruel, heart-less behavior, you are giving more power to the abusers.

    When money speaks louder than morals, there is always a problem. We need to STOP letting ego, greed, and selfishness destroy the world.

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    All animals deserve to be protected! It’s insane that the UK wants to sabatoge the animal welfare protection act.

  6. Well Well! Boris how do you like the confinement that you are in now. That you let farm animals suffer? That animals have cruel people do whatever they want without punishment?

    • Agree. Too many cruel humans on this planet, Gods virus getting rid of a few. Most animals are seen as dollar signs by greedy, evil, selfish humans, its world wide. Boris if you survive you should reconsider the treatment of animals in the UK.

      • I wish the virus would only attack evil monsters who harm animals. It would truly be Justice if that happened. So many evil subhumans on earth, the slitty eyed chinks caused this with their barbaric ways – IF ONLY the virus could wipe out the lot

  7. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
    Animal torture and animal murder must not be allowed or legal in the UK.
    All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death.
    Our precious and innocent sentient beings must be protected from the animal torturing murdering psychopachic lowlife pos in the
    United Kingdom and worldwide.
    Death to all animal torturers and animal murderers!!!!!!!!
    The filth on our planet. Eradication from our planet is a must.

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