Save Habitat of Endangered Rat

Target: Shinjirō Koizumi, Minister of the Environment, Japan

Goal: Protect Japanese cherry blossom trees from destruction caused by endangered rats.

Japanese cherry blossom trees are under threat, and some scientists fear that the trees may disappear from parts of Japan forever if action isn’t taken to protect them. Japanese cherry blossom trees have become the favorite food of the endangered Ryukyu long-haired rats who have been starved due to habitat loss and destruction. By protecting the rats, we can protect the trees. Add your voice to the fight.

The Ryukyu long-haired rats are only found on the islands of Amami-Oshima and Tokunoshima. There, they feast on different types of acorn to survive. However, habitat loss and tree clearing have destroyed many of the acorn trees. Global warming is also impacting the harvest of acorns. With nowhere to turn, the starving rats are eating cherry blossom trees.

The rats are a major, though not the only, threat facing the trees. Longhorn beetles are also eating the trees. Paired with the damage from the rats, the trees stand very little chance of survival. Demand that first steps be taken to protect the rat’s habitat so that they no longer have to resort to eating cherry blossom trees. Doing so will help prevent the trees’ destruction.


Dear Minister Koizumi,

One of the gravest threats facing the beautiful Japanese cherry blossom trees is the damage caused by the Ryukyu long-haired rats. Starving because habitat loss and global warming have destroyed their acorn crops, they have resorted to eating the leaves of cherry blossom trees. Longhorn beetles further exacerbate the destruction. 

I ask that you do your duty to protect the Ryuku rats so that they no longer have to resort to eating the cherry blossom trees. Protecting the rats will protect the trees. To lose the trees…a national Japanese treasure…would be tragic.


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Photo Credit: Norbert Weber


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