Save Seals From Habitat Loss

Target: The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Canada

Goal: Prevent the extinction of the harp seal by protecting and fortifying what remains of its shrinking habitat.

Melting ice floes are threatening the harp seal population of Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence. The loss of their home will force the seals to seek uncharted territory to mate, which could easily put the pups’ lives at risk due to the unfamiliarity.

“There will be an impact on the population,” says Garry Stenson of Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The rapidly decreasing ice floes mean less supportive habitats for the pups, who will die off much quicker and at younger ages. Global warming is melting the Arctic seas and their icy shores at a rapid rate, with harp seals being one of several species in danger of dying off as they lose the only environment they can truly thrive in.

We cannot let these adorable creatures disappear. Sign this petition to push for stronger protection of the ice floes they need to survive.


Dear Minister Wilkinson,

The harp seal population is in danger of dropping as the ice floes they call home are melted by global warming. Even with clubbing and hunting now illegal, the species is not safe; mothers will soon be forced to move further north, putting the lives of their pups at risk with the unfamiliarity. Pups living on the floes will have their life spans shortened as well.

You must protect these floes as strongly as possible. Harp seals are one of several Arctic creatures badly affected by climate change, their habitats disappearing along with their food supplies. As it has been said many times, the loss of any species is dangerous to the Earth’s overall ecosystem. Do not let the harp seal disappear forever.


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Photo Credit: Virginia State Parks staff


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