Moose Calf Killed Slowly and Painfully Deserves Justice

Target: Billie Siddoway, Prosecuting Attorney for Teton County, Idaho

Goal: Punish the person who shot a moose calf with birdshot, leading to a slow and painful death.

A 1-year-old moose calf was shot illegally, leading to a slow and painful death for the young animal. The calf suffered due to the use of birdshot, an initially nonlethal ammunition that decimates the animal’s body over several days. Demand justice for this innocent moose.

“I think people assume that using birdshot on a moose is a safe way to haze them away from an area, but the moose can end up dying several days later from a single pellet in its gut,” stated conservation officer Rob Howe. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has discovered multiple instances of moose being killed by birdshot fired from a shotgun recently in the Upper Snake Region, though they’re uncertain if all of the cases are related.

This is a cruel and inhumane method of hunting and hazing and it must be stopped immediately. Sign below to demand that the person behind this calf’s death, as well as anyone else proven to use this horrific ammunition on moose, is held legally responsible.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Siddoway,

A young moose calf died horribly when the poor animal was shot with birdshot. Fired from a shotgun, this pellet does not kill moose immediately. Instead, it remains in the animal’s body and slowly causes increased and painful damage to the organs until it is ultimately fatal.

This calf is just one of many moose who have perished recently due to the use of birdshot in the Upper Snake Region. This is a cruel and inhumane method of hazing and hunting and it cannot be allowed to continue. I demand that you prosecute the person behind this animal’s death and as well as anyone who is proven to have used birdshot to kill these majestic creatures.


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  1. Mary Harrington says:

    I can’t imagine what that poor moose suffered. Rest in peace and find that jerk who thought it would be fun to kill a baby moose like that.

  2. Torah Wolf Torah Wolf says:

    I really do hope the prosecuting attorney of Idaho is going to make time to go after the person and find out who did this and punish them and make an example out of them they should go to jail for a very long time especially, because the law just passed in our country … 7 years for abusing animals that means all animals not just cats and dogs

  3. Another example of cowardly human filth living among us…may Karma catch up with the vile wretch ASAP.

  4. Karen Redd says:

    Aside from those who have a heart like the ones on this site- I HATE PEOPLE, they are the cruelest, most vicious, most heartless, POS, piece of garbage, scumbag scabs in this whole world.

  5. I dare the vile bastard who killed this poor defenceless moose calf, to meet me in real life,face to face.I have a surprise ready and waiting! Come on I dare you!!!!!It is called payback!!!!!!!!

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