Justice for Rare White Giraffes Killed by Poachers

Target: Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya

Goal: Find and imprison the poachers that killed two rare white giraffes.

Two extremely rare white giraffes, a mother and her calf, were brutally killed by poachers at a Kenyan Wildlife Sanctuary. There is now only one white giraffe remaining in Kenya.

Officials at the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy noticed they hadn’t seen the giraffes in a while, and eventually found their remains. They are believed to have been dead for four months. The giraffes lived a free-range life in the sanctuary. These incredibly rare creatures attracted tourism and global awe. Their unique white coloring is caused by a condition called Leucism that inhibits skin cells from producing pigmentation.

Mohammed Ahmednoor, manager of the conservancy, described the giraffes death as “a blow to tremendous steps taken by the community to conserve rare and unique species.” Giraffes have lost 40 percent of their population in just 30 years to poaching and wildlife trafficking. Though improvements have been made, Kenya still suffers from high rates of poaching, particularly for elephants and rhinos. Sign below to demand the government of Kenya find and imprison the poachers who killed these rare and important white giraffes.


Dear President Kenyatta,

A rate white giraffe and her newborn calf were both brutally killed, leaving only one white giraffe left in your nation. The death of these rare white giraffes is a true tragedy for your country and for the world. The Giraffe Conservation Foundation estimates that the number of reticulated giraffes in the world has declined by 50 percent in the last three decades. In the age of extinction, we cannot afford to lose another species.

These giraffes deserve justice. I demand that you find the poachers who committed this crime and imprison them.


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Photo Credit: Marc Napo

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    These RARE, WHITE giraffes were brutally killed by poachers at a Kenyan Wildlife SANCTUARY??? WTH? Shouldn’t sanctuaries be protected or policed to keep out human vermin – oh right, that would be too much bother – better to trust people to do the RIGHT & HONORABLE thing! BIG MISTAKE!!

  2. Susan Durnford says:

    Absolutely disgraceful -what’s the point of a sanctuary if the animals aren’t safe.

  3. So sad, what a beautiful giraffe. Justice for these animals.

  4. I have worked as a Forensic Mental Health Professional and trauma therapist for over 25 years. During this time, I have contracted with jails, prisons, and community corrections in various states, after working as a correctional officer for a few years. I can attest that there is a very strong correlation between the way people treat animals of any kind and the way they can all-too-easily, and without hesitation, remorse, or empathy, treat fellow human beings. If you would not want your son, daughter, sister, brother, grandchild, or parent treated this way, take a stand and sign every petition against animal abuse that you can find – wild and domestic, in the USA and across the world! YES, the pictures & videos are heart-wrenching but ignoring them does not solve the problem. Be brave for the innocent; when you ignore this cruel, heart-less behavior, you are giving more power to the abusers.

    When money speaks louder than morals, there is always a problem. We need to STOP letting ego, greed, and selfishness destroy the world.

  5. A psychopath is a psychopath and these wretched excuses for human beings have no empathy or compassion for any living creature. They are motivated by selfishness hatred and greed ….their hearts are dead and cold and their minds are poisoned. It is an outrage and disgrace that this beautiful giraffe was killed by these mindless useless foul sewers and their doubtless greedy well paid enablers . The laws need to be much more severe for those vile perpetrators… and may KARMA CATCH UP WITH THEM SOON . They pollute the air of all that comes in contact with them.

  6. Julie Bates says:

    Family unity,kindness and dignity have left this world. Instead shit music has replaced it with not a shred of goodness towards women or life

  7. Kenya, you dropped the ball. But, the cretin who murdered the giraffe needs to be executed. Fair is fair.

  8. Rita McNany says:

    These animals should have had 24/7 protection! Poaching must become a death penalty offense!

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