Stop Torturing Geese for Down


Target: Bed Bath & Beyond CEO Steven H. Temares

Goal: Pledge to only use suppliers that don’t torture geese for their products.

Bed Bath & Beyond has not yet taken the necessary steps to ensure that their goose down is collected in humane ways, unlike other major retailers like North Face and IKEA. Down feathers are the softest layer of feathers closest to a bird’s skin, and therefore are typically used to fill pillows, comforters, and other products.

Their suppliers rip feathers out of live geese, which is incredibly cruel and painful. Geese that are forced to endure this torture are held down by workers who rip out the feathers while they scream in terror and pain. This process is repeated multiple times throughout the birds’ miserable lives until they die.

Additionally, since this excruciating method tears the geese’s skin, it is common for the down collectors to simply stitch the birds’ wound back together, often without anesthesia or any numbing agent. These procedures are done in the same unsterile environment where the geese are plucked. Laurie Siperstein-Cook, bird welfare expert, agrees that “live plucking of geese or ducks can never be done humanely.” The best solution is to abandon the cruel practice altogether and stop gathering down feathers from live birds.

Please sign this petition to tell Bed Bath & Beyond to take a stand against animal cruelty by requiring their suppliers to not pull feathers from live geese.


Dear Steven H. Temares,

Ripping feathers out of live geese is inhumane and the practice needs to be stopped. The birds are tortured throughout their entire lives; workers pluck the feathers so hard that their skin often rips open, and the gaping wounds are crudely stitched up in an unsterile environment and without anesthetics. This is an appalling act of abuse toward these innocent animals just for products like pillows, comforters and and parkas.

I am urging you to require your down feather suppliers to utilize more humane methods to collect feathers from geese. Although there isn’t a law in the U.S. that makes it mandatory for suppliers to reveal how they collect their down feathers, it should be the store’s responsibility to ensure that the animals aren’t being tortured. Since other major retailers have stepped forward to make sure that their geese aren’t being tortured, it is also time for Bed Bath & Beyond to join.


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Photo credit: Dcoetzee via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Carol Thatcher says:

    I would think people would just go into Bed and Bath and ask to speak to a Manager and have a paper with as many signatures as you can get and tell the Manager why you will no longer be going to their stores and why and hand them the petition with names on it and keep a copy for yourself.! You can’t be ignored then and they most certainly will take notice. Some of these workers probably don ‘t even know about this. Just like some of us didnt at one time. We all have been ignorant ourselves at one time or another!!! Give these workers the chance to know what is going on before you condemn them! You had to find out the hard way too!!!! Please remember that. Share what you have learned with kindness in your heart. Thank you!!!! Carol

  2. caryl sawyer says:

    Just tore up my BB&B coupon. Got news for you guys, you need us, we don’t need you.

    Curious, what fly-by-night business school did you attend? Something that advertises on the back of a pack of matches?

  3. Leave the geese alone! You do NOT have the right to be horrifically cruel to them! You’re sociopaths!

    We have so much at our disposal to keep us nice & warm — leave the feathers to their original owners — we do not have the right to steal their down!


  4. Shar Scotland Shar Scotland says:

    As a consumer, I exercise my right to boycott everything and everyone involved in this vile industry – and I do!

  5. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    RATS! Now I’ll have to stop shopping at BB&Beyond. I really like that store, but not if they don’t care about stocking inhumane products.

  6. Cecily Colloby says:

    Why the hell do we need feathers-or fur for that matter-in the first place??? Leave it on the animal it belongs to and use a man-made alternative! I am so sick of the vile human race.

  7. I’ll go elsewhere to buy my products from now on….

  8. you disgusting lot what you are doing to these geese you are such a cruel country you should suffer the same treatment.

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