Stop Eating Live Animals and Drinking Their Blood for “Survival” Training

Target: General David Berger, Marine Corps Commandant

Goal: Stop deliberately slaughtering animals in military training exercises.

Consuming scorpions alive; drinking the blood of decapitated snakes; snapping chicken’s necks: these grotesque acts are not occurring during some sickening demonic ritual. Rather, they take place every year under the proud leadership of the United States Marines. The annual Cobra Gold exercise provides trainees an opportunity to prove their survival skills…and their aptitude for animal cruelty.

The Cobra Gold exercise sends Marines into jungles to learn so-called survival training if they should become stranded. This mandatory training includes drinking king cobra blood, eating skinned geckos and live scorpions, and killing chickens with the trainees’ hands. Despite the fact that other armed forces divisions have stopped using live animals in this grotesque manner, the Cobra Gold event is now entering its 39th year. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has implored commanders to focus on vegetation during training and to end these abusive practices. Judging from the released photos, however, officials seem much more interested in publicizing and marketing this awful stunt.

Sign the petition below to demand America’s armed forces stop endorsing and practicing unchecked animal cruelty.


Dear General Berger,

“A frat party gone wrong”: when we view the photographs released from the latest Cobra Gold exercise, we cannot disagree with the frank assessment provided by PETA. This organization has asked you to end the inhumane practices that occur during the annual event. We want the military to stand proud for the values of honor and integrity, so we must echo this call to action.

As has already been brought to your attention, other troops have discontinued these survival training practices. A renewed emphasis has been placed on the plentiful vegetation available in the jungle rather than on slaughtering these animals needlessly. Please respect and follow this humane course of action.

Make the Cobra Gold exercise truly about life, not a celebration of cruel death.


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Photo Credit: Sgt. Nicolas Cholula

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  1. Patrick Butler says:

    My good God! Are we in China? Seriously, abandon this savage, barbaric practice! This is utterly unnecessary…and stupid.

  2. This is UTTERLY horrifying and completely revolting. These sick acts are what you promote?? – all under the guise of SURVIVAL?? It sounds more like a ritual in sadism. Not to mention the serious health issues this may cause. I urge the authorities to ban this practice and to substitute it with the teaching of plant-based survival techniques.

  3. It’s just an excuse to be cruel. There is zero need for this.


  5. Michelle Lew says:

    WTH? This is barbaric! Its worse its demonic!I I agree with what Sophie said are we in China? I do not agree that its “sick” There is no sickness or medicine that would cause you to do this. If it was a sickness they are to be pitied. It is pure evil!

  6. These filth-bag uncivilised bastards must be wiped off the planet.Lets do the same to these repulsive,wog scumbags and then turn these bastards into garden fertiliser!

  7. No surprise here. When military training teaches that everyone is the enemy and only your military family counts, say goodbye to civilized behaviour.

    It starts with the horrific treatment of animals – stabbing pigs, beheading snakes, and on the list goes, teach everyone to point a rifle or military weapon, and then teach them that everyone is an enemy …

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    As a former Marine, I am appalled and embarrassed about this heinous and reprehensible act!! There is no excuse for this. This is not training, it’s pure cruelty.

  9. I thought this was vile and evil China. Here the lowlife animal torturing human species go again. The precious and innocent animals being tortured and murdered. This takes place every year under the proud lowlife leadership of the vile and evil United States Marines. The vile and evil annual Cobra Gold exercise provides these lowlife trainees an opportunity to prove their psychopathic depraved pea size brain survival skills…and their aptitude for committing deliberate animal torture, suffering and an agonising death.
    These filth-bag uncivilised vile and evil bastards must be wiped off the planet.Lets do the same to these repulsive,wog scumbags and then turn these evil bastards into garden fertiliser! I fully agree with you Michelle Taylor. Eradication from our planet is a must.

  10. Animal abusers must be exterminated internationally.

  11. BEYOND CRUEL!!!!!!!!

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