Call Off Inhumane Culls That Threaten Endangered Wombats

Target: His Excellency The Honourable Hieu Van Le, Governor of South Australia

Goal: Urge government to call off cruel and unnecessary wombat culls.

South Australia has legalized the killing of hairy-nosed wombats by farmers and landholders, thanks to a farmer’s complaint of “abundant wildlife” threatening his property. These wombats are already a heavily endangered species due to a spread of mange that wiped out hundreds of them over the past several years.

This is positively barbaric. Culls are never the answer to wildlife problems, as much more humane solutions exist and are readily available. The call for mass slaughter of innocent wildlife is inexcusable and exists only to satisfy human blood lust while thinning the numbers of endangered species to the point where they will soon become extinct in the wild. Not surprisingly, the authorities have come under fire from environmental groups for this barbaric decision.

Culls are not the answer. We cannot allow the government to enable the loss of these iconic, innocent creatures across South Australia. Sign this petition to urge the authorities to call off this order in favor of more humane solutions to the wombat “problems.”


Dear Your Excellency,

The recent legalization of hairy-nosed wombat culling has earned the South Australia government much ire from environmental groups, and for good reason. This is not the first time mass killing of animals has been proposed as a solution to “abundant wildlife” on land and farms before more humane suggestions can be introduced. Worse, hairy-nosed wombats are badly endangered due to many of them having died of mange over the past several years.

You must revoke permissions for wombat culls immediately. There is never an excuse to allow the barbaric killing of innocent animals when more humane, non-lethal solutions exist. These wombats are living creatures, not just a problem to get rid of due to human complaints. Revoke this cull as soon as possible.


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Photo Credit: Jason Pratt


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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    GREAT NEWS for the little Wombats.

    About your wombat petition here: I was notified today that the cull has been called off. We won!

    I received this today from Nicola from IFAW

    And it’s not mange it’s actually from starvation. The government is actually going to help the wombats not kill them.


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