Don’t Criminalize Reporting Animal Abuse

Cats in cage - Christopher Gross

Target: Greg Reed, Alabama Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Don’t threaten citizens who report animal abuse with fines and jail time.

A bill has been proposed in the Alabama senate that would could significantly decrease the reporting of animal abuse. Under this bill, an Alabama citizen who reported animal abuse could be charged with a class C misdemeanor if no evidence of the abuse was found. It would also mean that organizations like the Humane Society, which might house the allegedly abused animals during a trial, would have to give any donations received for that animal to the convicted abuser to offset their court fines — even if the convicted abuser is found guilty.

Animal rights activists and representatives from the Humane Society point out that this bill would essentially deter anyone from reporting animal abuse for fear of legal consequences. An Alabama citizen who witnesses the regular mistreatment of a neighbor’s dog, for instance, may know that there is abuse taking place but fear being charged with a misdemeanor if no hard evidence could be procured.

The bill requires that any report of animal abuse be substantiated by evidence such as serious injury or death, meaning that abused animals may not receive justice until it is too late. This concern is compounded by the fact that a judge may take up to ten days to sign off on a legitimate report.

This bill is inhumane and unnecessary, and would burden both animal rights programs and the Alabama Department of Agriculture, which has been tasked with enforcing it. Demand that the Senate stop this bill.


Dear Senator Reed,

Senate Bill 196 is a violation of animal rights. It would dramatically decrease the number of legitimate animal abuse reports by threatening legal consequences for issuing complaints. Alabama citizens may hesitate to report cases of known animal abuse for fear of facing a fine or jail time.

Many instances of animal abuse do not result in serious physical injury or death, which means that it is often difficult for a witness to procure hard evidence of animal abuse when making a claim. Because this bill would make it a misdemeanor to report animal abuse that does not end up being substantiated, many animal abuse cases may go unreported, enabling the abusers to continue mistreating innocent animals without retribution.

I urge you to act in the best interest of animals and concerned Alabama citizens and reject this bill. Not only does it enable the mistreatment of animals, it discourages Alabamans from doing their civic duty to report violations of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Christopher Gross

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  1. Are the Alabama courts so dumb and stupid that a citizen who reports animal abuse has to wait until the animal has been so abused till it is dead to report the ass hole who is the abuser???????>

  2. That law is as stupid as they are. Another wards it’s ok for cruelty and abuse towards an animal. I don’t think so. Animals are way to innocent and loving. Sorry that s the way I see it. It needs that he changed NOW.

  3. Jennifer Day says:

    Seriously what is wrong with Alabama?!! Are you kidding me? This a joke right… this can’t be real… animal abuse is the first step to human abuse. Are these the people you want to have in your neighborhood? The people who report abuse should be rewarded for taking action to help those with no voice. Animal abuse/ murder is Never ok.
    See something say something!! Right!
    Anyone who agrees with this must have a life ban on animal owning!! This is disgusting!!
    What is wrong with Alabama? Seriously!!

  4. This is ridiculous
    PACT Act – Federal Law
    Prison time
    Federal Law protects animals from abuse torture and killing
    Only in Alabama where all the nin- compoop people would you see this kind of stupidity and ignorance towards animals
    I hope the corina virus hits all these creepy jerks!!!÷

  5. Mary Harrington says:

    Boy if those liberal minded crooked lawmakers and judges can find a loop hole, they will. you politicians don’t realize that the people who voted you in can vote you out. do your job you filthy monsters!

  6. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    This is ludicrous. Anyone reporting acts of animal abuse and cruelty should be praised as a hero, not be arrested ie charged with a crime. Alabama, you better get your priorities in order!!

  7. Greg Reed needs his head examined. All suspicious cases of animal abuse must be reported. Without a person having to worry about getting in trouble for it.Otherwise a lot of animals wouldn’t have got the help they needed. It is our readability to say something if we think abuse or neglect is happening. Animal’s need our help

  8. Mary J Zambrana says:

    What about the bogus reports of cruelty that are filed by people who want their 15 minutes of fame? While the majority of reports are real and need to be applauded, there is a lot of time and money spent on following up on reports that hold no truth.

  9. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    WTF, Alabama? This is a terrible law, and MUST be overturned. NO abuse of ANY living being is acceptable and ALL must be investigated as soon as suspected or those involved may DIE. Your state has an ABYSMAL record on animal protection. This must CHANGE now.

  10. The world needs whistleblowers. How else would we get information on abuses in CAFOS, stockyards, slaughterhouses, and even ones neighbor? There shouldn’t be any restrictions on the timing of abuse reports. If an animal (or person) is to be saved, the abuse must be reported ASAP. No state should EVER make it illegal to report abuse of any kind!

  11. More total BULLSHIT!!! Just another way to create heinous ag-gag laws, which, btw, are already being deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL and being repealed from law in a few states that had them. These sick bastards just looooove animal abuse, and it shows in their actions! It’s also started in Canada now too, and may soon become a FEDERAL ag-gag law there! These sicko politicians MUST BE STOPPED DEAD IN THEIR SLIMY TRACKS before it gets a toe-hold in N. America or elsewhere!!!!

  12. Become civilised and educated Alabama! Animals have right too!

  13. Jaime Perez says:

    What the hell is wrong with those idiots in Alabama? This is the stupidest law that was ever thought up. More and more animals will be abused and have to suffer in silence!

  14. This is absolutely absurd! We human’s really have lost the plot when it comes to other animal species. We need to establish better animal welfare Laws globally, even more so in the U.S.A. Utterly outrageous and despicable.

  15. Greg Reed, Alabama Senate Majority Leader. You are a psychopathic depraved sick animal torturning murdering arsehole. If anything you lowlife bastard Politicians are the ones that should be put to death.

    All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death.

    And you vile and evil arse hole Politicians don’t threaten citizens who report animal abuse, animal torture and animal murder with your vile and evil fines and jail time.This is absolutely sickening and unforgivable. Sadism and evilness at its worst.

    Monsters like you Politician bastards never ceases to disgust and sicken me with the level of depravity you bastards can sink too, when the innocent and precious animals are the innocent and helpless victims.

    Burn in hell for an eternity you lowlife Alabama Politician bastards from hell.

  16. That is so sick i will no longer go to Alabama how disgusting for both the animals and for those that speak up

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