Ban the Cruel and Unnecessary Declawing of Cats

Target: Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan

Goal: Ban the cruel and life-altering process of cat declawing across Michigan.

The state of Michigan aims to follow in New York’s footsteps with a ban on the declawing of cats. The bill states that declawing will be fully illegal save for special cases where it would be necessary to the cat’s health, and violators would be given a $1,000 fine. The bill already has 21 co-sponsors.

Over the past 10+ years, studies have shown that declawing is one of the worst things that can be done to a cat. It is amputation, done solely for the sake of protecting owners, children, and furniture from cat scratches when there are cheaper and more humane methods of doing so. Despite knowing what declawing entails, only a handful of states outlaw the practice, and many owners still opt to force their cats through this life-altering procedure.

Michigan banning the procedure is just one small step, but it would be a step in the right direction, hopefully leading more states to follow this example. Sign this petition to support the anti-declawing bill and ensure the protection of cats across the state.


Dear Governor Whitmer,

A recent bill being discussed by lawmakers could ban the declawing of cats across Michigan. Declawing is one of the worst things humans can subject a cat to; it is amputation performed solely to protect humans and furniture from scratches, when there are more humane methods of doing this. Despite knowing what the process entails, only a handful of states outlaw the practice.

You must support this bill and ensure it becomes a law. Too many cats over the years have suffered the pain and indignity of having the tips of their toes amputated by owners who put their own needs above their pet’s. Cats deserve better than this. Support this bill and help us protect cats from the cruelty of forced amputation.


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Photo Credit: Engin Akyurt

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  1. human idiocy….materialistic assholes

  2. How about people who want to declaw cats need to have the same done to them.

  3. There is a problem with this, Lindsay. While I agree that it is cruel, and I wholeheartedly do not want to see it done (humans have no right to maim other creatures)…we have a far greater problem in that cats are invasive species in North America and they are decimating songbird populations. There should be simultaneous legislation in all states that permits cats to be outdoors only if in enclosed areas; they should not be free roaming. If you disagree, then you have made a choice: songbirds vs European cats. I hope you address this in a subsequent petition. What Michigan may be doing in repealing this legislation is condemning more songbirds and small mammals to death. One would like to think that all states have the foresight to pass responsible native wildlife legislation….but we rarely see this on the books.

  4. Mary J Zambrana says:

    These cats that kill songbirds are largely not domesticated, but ferals that kill for food. Until the world devises a system of containing the overpopulation of ferals humanely, there will continue to be songbird deaths, as well as the cats who hunt them. Programs such as TNR may be part of the answer to managing the feral cat population, but in reality the cats are put back outside to suffer an early death.

    • I would like to agree, Mary, but I can’t. My neighbor has a cat that is domesticated. She allows it outside. She estimates that it kills 5-6 birds per week. She had a conversation with a girl who lives in the village, about 1/4 mile away and that girl has a domesticated cat that she allows to roam. It also kills chipmunks and birds – quite a few per week. They don’t eat them. In both cases, these ladies were able to estimate the number of kills because their cats deposit the dead bodies on their steps uneaten. Please consult the Cornell Ornithology Dept. for the real stats on cats. Cats are NON-NATIVE invasive species in North America. I love them – I have one of my own. I bought her an outside screened in gazebo, but I do not allow her to free roam. Please consider doing the same.

  5. Let’s hope (and keep watch out for!) the big, gaping loophole they left in this wording – “save for special cases where it would be necessary to the cat’s health” That could lead to HUGELY loose “interpretations” of what exactly that constitutes, and used an just another EXCUSE to cut off cats’ toes! “Necessary”??! Can’t think of any case where it would be necessary, unless it was part & parcel of a foot or leg amputation, or POSSIBLY a severe infection that wouldn’t clear up by ANY means, including natural, alternative methods! It’s nearly never “necessary,” never really has been, and that’s exactly HOW it got to be so rampantly done!

    • We have a cat that had to have ONE toenail removed due to an injury. He had somehow managed to pull a nail partway out and this resulted in a bad infection that would not heal.This may be a rare happening. I surely hope so. I would NEVER have any cat declawed, nor do I approve of tail / ear docking to dogs. God got it right the first time and man cannot improve on what God has made—-including human gender!

  6. I don’t believe that it is mostly feral cats that kill songbirds. Any outside cat will stalk and kill a bird. It is just their nature. You can’t change that. There is no reason to blame them either. I do think that cats should remain inside because of the birds but also it’s what is best for the cat. There are too many dangers outside – poisons, cars, diseases, and even people who hate cats and will kill them without a second thought. On the subject of declawing, I don’t think that cats should go through this procedure except maybe in extreme cases. No animal should have its toes reduced just so it doesn’t claw up furniture.

  7. Jaime Perez says:

    God gave cats claws for a reason, it’s not up to us to main them.



  9. Only in AMERICA…!!

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