Stop Raffling Off Grizzly Bears to be Killed by Hunters

Target: Eddie Grasser, Wildlife Conservation Director of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Goal: Remove grizzly bears from periodic hunting permit raffles to protect the species from extinction.

Grizzly bears are back on the Endangered Species List after several years of being a least-concern case, thanks to the destruction of their habitat and food supply. However, the species is still allowed to be hunted periodically through limited raffled hunting permits, one of which was recently awarded to Donald Trump Jr. Demand that grizzly bears be removed from this list and granted protection.

The fact that grizzly bears are on the raffle’s permission list at all is unacceptable. Trump Jr’s permit is just one of many factors threatening to wipe out the grizzly bear. The current presidential administration has fought to remove their legal protection to curry favor with hunters, while the bears’ natural habitat and food supply has dwindled drastically. If this continues, the entire species may disappear within just a few short years.

We cannot lose such an iconic species to selfish human behavior. Sign this petition to pressure Alaska’s fish and wildlife service to remove grizzly bears from their list of permissible hunting quarries.


Dear Director Grasser,

Donald Trump Jr’s recent permit to hunt grizzly bears is the latest in a string of dangers faced by the species over the past several years. Not long ago, the species was removed from the Endangered Species List, but hunters and habitat loss quickly landed them back on it as their numbers immediately began to decline once again.

You must remove grizzly bears from your list of permissible quarries immediately. Alaska is one of the few places they are currently the safest, but that will change for the worse if you continue to allow hunters to target them. These iconic bears have suffered enough over the years, and you must protect them from total extinction. Do not list them as permissible quarries in future hunting raffles.


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Photo Credit: NPCAQ Photos

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  1. Your petition is about the most ignorant that I have seen in a while. The Grizzly Bear in Alaska is not endangered by either the IUCN or the ESA’s standards. They are also increasing in population in the state. It is ridiculous and downright false to claim that legal and regulated hunting will drive the Grizzly Bear to extinction in “a few short years” as you put it.

  2. Less than 1% of Alaska’s grizzly bears are killed annually by legal hunters. They are not listed as endangered, nor are they even remotely likely to become extinct in a few short years at that rate of harvest. Bears are not raffled off in Alaska either. Perspective hunters pay application fees to enter lottery drawings for permits. A permit only permits you to pursue the species in question. As long as you also have met all the other requirements of the hunt. Success rates of these hunts are not 100%. Please educate yourself more thoroughly on any wildlife topics you wish to protest.

  3. Grizzly bears are nowhere near being endangered and never have been. 55,000 in N. America with at least 32,000 residing in AK. Hunting success rates hover around only about 20% with 274 harvested in 2018. That’s less than 1% of the population and insignificant when one considers the birth and recruitment rate.

  4. cute….you use lies, misdirection and opinions to pull at the heart strings of the well intentioned yet uninformed. Right out of a political playbook. I’d say the money made from tags, raffles, etc is boon to other wildlife. Salmon to martins, ptarmigan to wolf. You’re petition basically says bears are more important, than non marquee species…naive and delusional you also with out fact and data state that raffles will cause extinction. Which is an outright lie. I watched a debate last night where the author of this “petition” would fit right in. Hot air and made up…facts.

  5. The only good hunter is a dead one! Hunt the hunters! An eye for an eye!

  6. I am a conservative who doesn’t believe in killing animals for fun or for food. I would like leftists to stop evoking the Trump name to lure angry Trump-haters into signing petitions.

  7. Who cares if the grizzly bear is not endangered. Worthless human garbage should not be allowed to kill them period! The only shit that should be hunted and killed are humans who condone killing these animals. So sick and tired of our species. Hopefully this new virus will take out a good number.

  8. Please someone kill this vile and evil animal torturing murdering Trump Jr. and all his vile and evil Trophy Hunting lowlife bastard friends.
    Also Trump his lowlife corrupt father needs to be eradicated from
    our planet. While this lowlife Trump bastard is President no Wildlife, Animals or the Laws of America will be safe. Trump is destroying America and all the American Laws.

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