Stop Tearing Kittens Apart in Dog Fights for ‘Sport’

Target: Randal Taylor, Chief of Police for Indianapolis, Indiana

Goal: Find and arrest people responsible for throwing innocent kittens in dog fighting rings with hungry dogs.

A small kitten was dyed partially red for the purpose of being used in a dog fighting ring. Though this one kitten managed to escape, there are likely many more out there still suffering due to this disturbing cruelty. Demand that authorities find whoever is doing this in order to make sure other kittens are safe.

The black and white kitten was luckily found by a UPS driver and taken to the Southside Animal Shelter. The kitten’s white fur was dyed red, a clear indicator to employees that he was intended to be used in a dog fighting ring. Shelter officials explained on social media that dog fighters dye kittens various colors and make bets on which kitten will be destroyed first by the dogs. Luckily, most of the dye came off the kitten, and shelter employees were able to provide him with a safe and stable environment. This kitten will have the chance to be adopted by a loving family. However, there are likely many other kittens that are being abused by dog fighters in the city.

Kittens don’t deserve to be thrown into situations where they can’t defend themselves. Sign below and demand the immediate shut down of any and all dog fighting rings in the area and swift legal consequences for those responsible.


Dear Police Chief Taylor,

The Southside Animal Shelter recently took in a black and white kitten that likely escaped from a dog fighting ring. Authorities need to do everything possible to find the people who are responsible for these horrific events in order to better ensure that other animals remain safe.

A UPS driver turned the kitten over to the shelter after finding him in an industrialized area. Shelter officials noticed the kitten’s white fur had been dyed red and explained that kittens were dyed different colors and used in dog fighting circles. Unfortunately, the culprits are said to make bets on things like what kitten will survive the longest among the dogs.

While it is good news that this kitten was rescued and will be put up for adoption, many kittens are still being abused in this disgusting and horrifying manner. Dogs and kittens do not deserve this type of treatment. For these reasons, we demand you do everything possible to shut down these illegal events and find the people responsible for the benefit of all animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pikrepo

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  1. Ashamed to be human says:

    The human race is the cancer of this earth & as long as we exist, then so will animal abuse. The only answer is to wipe us off the face of the planet…maybe coronavirus will get us all & we’d deserve it.

    • I totally agree. There are good people but those who condone animal abuse like this all deserve the same death.

    • Nina Abernathy says:

      I agree with you.

    • Mary Zambrana says:

      Just explain to me the twisted excitement found in watching a voiceless innocent torn apart. I find it hard to believe that these same miscreants go home, wash their hands of the blood and sit down to a meal. No big deal, just another day in hell.

  2. Human depravity has no boundaries. Execute all animal abusers.

    • YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Spot on Martha Joyce! KILL them all! Animal and child abusers DO NOT deserve to take another breath or step one more foot on this Earth! There is NO punishment that will guarantee they will never abuse another child or animals is DEATH….to the organizers of these sick twisted events AND THE SICKOS that go watch this barbaric torture of innocent, voiceless and helpless animals……..DEATH TO THEM ALL.

  3. CC HERNANDEZ says:

    Pls. stop this cruelty!

  4. Deborh Bukowski says:

    The pesron or persons responsible for this hanis act should be found and prosecuted to the max. Make this kind of animal abuse a felony. These kittens do not deserve to be live bait for these dog fights and the persons responsible and who participate in these dog fights should also be charged with a felony. I suggest the culprits once found have their pictures and names posted and be placed on a national registry for animal abusers, similiar to the sex offender list. Under no circumstances should they ever be allowed to own a pet not even a gold fish.

    • Deborh Bukowski. They must all be put to death. Rid this filth from our planet. This is the only way these animal torturing murdering f—- can be stopped.Kill all animal torturers and animal murderers slowly.

    • Lorenza Marrujo says:

      Lorenza Marrujo: I truly agree with you, to make this animal-crulty a felony,l demand Justice for all these kittens being tortured by dogs, and torn apart badly, they are still babies, taken from their mther cat whom were nursing them still (or stolen from backyards). I, Lorenza Marrujo, demanding justice for all these kittens, and especially the one kitten found still alive, find them and punish these people now.

  5. I strongly agree that we need to drop the monsters who hurt and kill sweet animals into all of our oceans. This way the sharks can take them off the earth for us! We only need true humans on this Earth vwho actually care about animals.

  6. I strongly agree that we need to drop the monsters who hurt and kill sweet animals into all of our oceans. This way the sharks can take them off the earth for us! We only need true humans on this Earth who actually care about animals.

  7. Ann Atkins says:

    Evil humans must be wiped from this planet. More Corona virus please Lord.

    • Amen

    • It was the vile and evil Chinese who caused this vile and evil Coronaviras and withheld their sadism and evilnness until they eventually decided to let the rest of the World know. I pray the lowlife animal torturing murdering Chinese are the monsters who are wiped of our planet and then all the monster Asian animal torturers and all animal torturers and animal murderers worldwide are eradicated from our planet.
      They are all the monsters on our planet earth.

  8. Hopefully someone will tear the creep apart that are doing this terrible thing to poor innocent kittens and feed them to the dogs. They are useless people and don’t deserve any better. Do to these creeps the exact same thing they do to the poor little kittens. Let them feel the exact pain and suffering the poor little kittens endure at their hands.The SOB’S dom’t deserve to live.

  9. Randal Taylor, Chief of Police for Indianapolis, Indiana

    Find out and catch the lowlife animal torturing murdering f—— monsters from hell and tear them all apart. Let these lowlife monsters suffer in agony as the precious and helpless little kittens endured.

    All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death. This must be introduced into the Animal Protection Laws worldwide.

    This is the only way you can stop these psychopathic depraved animal torturing animal murdering lowlife monster from hell.

    Kill them all – Torture these animal torturing murdering
    monsters from hell and make sure these monsters from hell suffer in excruciating agony.Burn in hell you lowlife pos for an eternity.

    Rest in peace all the little and helpless kittens who were tortured to death by these monsters from hell.

    The human species is the vilest of animal torturers, murder, and murder of their own species.

    The human race is definitely the cancer of this earth.

  10. These sick monsters should be hanged for their cruelty to animals! To do this heinous activity… They’re be declared mental!!!

  11. May God show his wrath and allow these pathetic human beings to be dropped into a situation where they will be ripped apart. I can only hope they feel every ounce of pain they inflicted on these innocent kittens. Really surprised some animal lover out there has already taken them out, which is what they would deserve!!!!


  13. This is sick. These people need to be punished.

  14. Nena Miller says:

    They should teach in the schools to the children to report if their parents have colorful kittens. Then someone should go in and shoot these psychopaths to rid this earth of the dirty contagious scum.

  15. Linda Goby says:

    I thought that animal abuse was now a felony in the great USA! Apparently not. This is disgusting and pathetic and America should be ashamed.

  16. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    This is Extremely Worst 4 these poor kitties & I want these sadistic Pricks 2 Burn in Hell!!!!

  17. Kelly Wilcox says:

    This is just plain wrong and evil. Whoever allows this kind of horrific act to take place has a cold black heart. Thank GOD that this beautiful and precious kitten got away. Am so glad to hear that and hopeful will have a great and loving life with someone who will Love and take care of he or she the way they need to be treated and take care of. That kitten reminds me of my last cat and believe you me she was an absolute job and was taken care of extreme well. She pass away from old age. Now for whoever does this kind of sick and twisted act needs to be done the same way and can not be able to defend themselves. I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR This as well as other defense beautiful and precious kittens(Babies). KARMA WILL COME FOR YOU SOONER OR LATER!!!!!!

  18. Microscopic scum has more value than any individual involved in dog fighting!
    These sickos need to be found, rounded up and made to suffer. Have them fight to the death.
    As simple as that…an eye for an eye.

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