Safari Club Must Stop Promoting Captivity-Bred Lion Hunting

Lion - Victor Grigas

Target: Christopher E. Comer, Director of Conservation, Safari Club International

Goal: Stop promoting the hunting of lions bred in captivity at Safari Club conventions.

Despite their promises to stop advertising captivity-bred hunting operations, Safari Club International (SCI) has recently been caught promoting these “canned hunts” at their conventions. SCI issued a statement in 2018 pledging not to advertise or host safari organizations that bred animals specifically for hunting purposes. However, the Humane Society recently obtained video footage of tour operators advertising captivity-bred lion hunts at a recent SCI convention.

While safari advocates claim that the profits from recreational hunting help fund conservation efforts, breeding animals specifically to be hunted negates those benefits. Not only does it bring in far less money for conservation, it creates an artificial ecosystem in which the animals can only live briefly in captivity and then be killed for sport. This is inhumane, unnatural, and unnecessary.

Safari Club International must pledge to cut all ties with captivity-bred hunting operations and practice total transparency with its affiliations. Recreational hunting should be conducted in such a way that it interferes minimally with natural patterns and benefits the surrounding environment and economy. SCI has a responsibility to be leaders in modelling this approach.


Dear Mr. Comer,

Safari Club International has pledged not to promote captivity-bred hunting operations, which negatively impact local economies and ecosystems. However, recent footage obtained by the Humane Society showed vendors promoting opportunities to hunt captivity-bred lions at one of your conventions.

These “canned hunts” create inhumane conditions for animals and inadequate compensation for the local economy. While SCI claims to promote a “fair chase” approach and to value the role of recreational hunting in conservation efforts, maintaining partnerships with these captivity-bred hunting operations shows that these principles are not reflected in their actions.

I urge you to cut ties with all “canned hunt” vendors and maintain transparency in the club’s affiliations. SCI must model sustainable practices that benefit the local environments and economies affected by recreational hunting.


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Photo credit: Victor Grigas

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Nothing like hunting animals who are bred in captivity and can’t escape!! The HUNTERS are the ones who should be hunted & confined to cages!!!

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Safari Club International: CANNED HUNTING is an abomination and a CRIME AGAINST NATURE. It isn’t hunting, it’s murder. It’s morally and ethically reprehensible. It must be BANNED EVERYWHERE NOW. To raise an animal in captivity, where it doesn’t fear man, where it’s unable to live any semblance of a natural life…how is this helping conserve the species? It isn’t. It’s a man made construct that has nothing to do with conservation, and everything to do with depravity and greed. Please add

  3. Bina Pannell says:

    Safari Club should be shut down. End of.

  4. Jacqui Skill says:

    Hunting in itself is backwards and barbaric, but keeping animals trapped and killing them ?! What sick minds behind this!!

  5. Jacqui Skill says:


  6. The only good hunter is a dead one! Hunt the hunters! An eye for an eye!

  7. No one should be able to hunt an animal whose numbers are dropping in the wild. Maybe these “domestic” lions can be trained to live in the wild, then the Safari Clubs should be shut down. There is no room for the hunting of endangered animals whether they are wild born or domestic bred. A person with a need to prove him or her self by killing a lion needs to see a psychiatrist.


  9. Put the “hunters” in a confined area without a weapon with some big cats and see how much they enjoy being hunted…at least the lions would be hunting them as food, not sport.

  10. Canned hunts are an atrocity that should have never been started! Filthy, deplorable hunters should hunt each other and leave the animals alone.

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