Demand Justice for Pig Thrown From a Bungee Jump Tower

Target: Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Bring justice to the pig forcefully thrown from a bungee jump tower at a Chinese theme park by making animal cruelty punishable by law.

A helpless pig was tied to a pole with all its legs bound and thrown from a bungee jump tower several stories high. Dressed in a purple cape, it was left dangling and squealing loudly in distress. This horrific event occurred at the Meixin Red Wine Town theme park in the Chinese city of Chongqing. The park claimed that the incident was to advertise a new bungee jump attraction. In addition, the event is an ironic ending to the Chinese Year of the Pig.

The occurrence, described as a mere “kind of entertainment” by the park owner, left many Chinese citizens and animal rights activists in outrage. Jason Baker, the vice president of international campaigns for the Asia branch of People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals, called the stunt “cruelty to animals at its worst.” While the park released a statement that included an acceptance of public criticism and an apology, they still did not seem to understand the cruelty of the situation, stating that “pigs themselves don’t know the danger.” They also nonchalantly claimed that the pig was sent to a slaughterhouse after the forced bungee jumping stunt.

This event brings larger issues of animal welfare in China to the surface. While animal rights activism is relatively new and gaining popularity in China, animal cruelty is still not punishable by law. In order to ensure the well-being of millions of other animals like the pig, animal protection laws must be strengthened and enforced in China. Sign below to demand justice for the helpless pig thrown from the bungee tower by urging China to make animal cruelty punishable by law.


Dear Mr Jinping,

Tying a pig to a pole, binding its legs together, dressing it in a purple cape, and forcefully throwing it from a 68-meter-high bungee tower is horrific and unacceptable.

The animal protection laws in China must be strengthened and enforced to ensure that other animals are not subject to this type of treatment or any other form of abuse. Because animal cruelty cannot be addressed through legal course of action, the pig did not receive the justice it deserved as a sentient being. I demand that you bring justice to the pig by publicly denouncing this act of abuse and making animal cruelty punishable by law.


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Photo Credit: Tomas Del Coro

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  1. Carolyn Taylor says:

    I demand justice for this poor pig, Now! No living being should ever be treated in such a cruel and barbaric manner! Shame on you!

  2. This is not entertainment its barbaric! Enough of allowing such horrific acts towards those who can’t defend themselves! You should be ashamed of yourselves to allow this to happen……I am truly ashamed of those who did this and those who watched and weren’t appalled! Stop this cruelty and persecute any who participate.

  3. God will judge you for the evil things that you do to the animals. Just one comes to mind– the Coronavirus.

  4. the chinese are the most soulless, ignorant, heartless, evil, depraved asshole morons on the entire planet. They are spreading death and destruction to the world, all due to the illegal mistreatment and abuse of the most endangered animal on the planet. I curse your nation with a pox and you are only getting what you have sown.

  5. The Chinese are being punished with the coronavirus for their hateful treatment of animals. Die.

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