Delete Gruesome Video of Travel Presenter Eating Exotic Bat

Target: Wang Mengyun, Chinese Travel Presenter

Goal: Delete gruesome video depicting the eating of a bat following its connection to the origin of the coronavirus.

A Chinese travel presenter, Wang Mengyun, shared a video of herself tearing apart and then eating a bat. The video is from 2016, however, it has recently resurfaced in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Mengyun hosts an online travel show, “Dream Runner,” with a massive following. The video of Mengyun eating the bat is being connected to the coronavirus because biologists believe that the virus was spread to humans through snakes or bats. Since the resurfacing of the video, many viewers have condemned Mengyun for eating exotic animals.

Although Mengyun has apologized for the video and it has been taking down from some sources, it is still circulating online. Sign this petition to urge Mengyun to have her public resource teams work to get the video off of the internet.


Dear Ms. Mengyun,

Your 2016 video from Palau where you eat a bat with your bare hands has resurfaced in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. This video is now seen in a different light because of the belief that coronavirus spread to humans through snakes or bats. That being said, even outside of its connection with the coronavirus, glorifying the eating of exotic animals as a delicacy or a travel experience is cruel to the animal itself.

Although you have apologized and the video was removed for unspecified reasons from its primary locations on the internet, the video is still circulating. I urge you to have your public resource teams work to get the video off of the internet.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gary Morse



  1. Mainland chinese are dirty, disgusting, cruel, evil, crude, cheap, despicable, uncultured, uncouth, shameless, greedy, selfish species.

  2. Not only is this disgusting to eat but this is the forbidden food in the Bible in Leviticus God tells us the types of foods that we can eat and not eat should you choose to follow these rules is on your own self that is not the unpardonable sin but God said the wages of sin is death the reason he tells us not to eat pork or lizard or bats or things like that or horses or dogs is because they are unclean… they are not clean for us to consume they carry diseases they carry viruses God told us what was clean to eat and not clean to eat if you choose to eat these things that God forbids us to eat then you will get sick eventually, and then you will die.
    not only are they eating bath which is a horrible thing these are beautiful creatures in their own right and I can’t believe that they are taking these beautiful creatures and doing this but they are now cannibals yes Chinese people not all of them they are not all in the same pot there are many Chinese in China that are Christians and are unaware of this and do not do this so let’s not put down all of China that’s like bad people here in America and putting all of us down because some of those are bad people so we have to keep that in regards that there are people out there that are very disgusting and there are people out there who have good morals and ethics but they are now eating babies it is all over Facebook babies that were aborted or die none the less it is disrespectful to the body I feel like you’re desecrating a body whether it was a dead baby or whatever and they’re eating it it’s cannibalism what else are they eating for God’s sake they are so cruel to animals oh my goodness I just pray to God that he stopped all their evilness right in their tracks soon!

  3. Don’t even get me started on the Chinese and how they treat ANY living thing from illegal organ harvesting to animal torture. Their karma will be bad and very well deserved!

  4. no wonder these monsters who make animal suffer get viruses they spread all over the world …

  5. Cruelty is a fundamental characteristic of ignorance, people without culture, loses the meaning of its existence. Sick!!!! We are tired of their crimes!!!

  6. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Sickening and disgusting. This bastard should be prosecuted for horrific animal abuse and suffering.

  7. the fucking chinese are the most vile evil soulless heartless asshole bastards on the entire planet. what these ghouls do to animals is horrific and I hope the pain and agony they inflict on innocent helpless creatures is inflicted on them 1,000 times more in eternal hell.

    • My wish is that the Coronavirus will wipe the whole barbaric race – wicked uncivilised heathens

    • I couldn’t agree more with you. Absolutely disgusting!!!???

    • So the bat soup was filmed in Palau, where bat is a delicacy. Bat is not commonly eaten in China. Bat is popular as a food in SE Asia, Oceania and parts pf Africa. Yet people are going off about the Chinese because this Chinese woman was doing a travel show and went to Palau. She was trying what the locals eat. Not a word against the people of Palau though, where bat is actually eaten. Not saying there should be, but where’s the logic in this? And most Chinese don’t eat exotic animals-it’s something the super rich do. Also the factory farms in the US can be dangerous too as they are cramped and dirty and the animals are suffering. Would you call all Americans vile evil heartless asshole bastards?

  8. Disgusting fucking bitch..

  9. Hate the Chinese they are dirty unfeeling race no wonder they are struck down with vile illnesses and then spread their disease all over the world they should treat animals with respect they are cruel coronavirus is judgement for their cruelty!

  10. I saw a petition that wanted Trump and the U.S. condemned for claiming that the Chinese are disgusting… well, guess what… the Chinese ARE disgusting.

  11. Kill this piece e of shit. Amen, graciaz

  12. Bat isn’t commonly eaten in China. That video was filmed in an island called Palau,where bat is a delicacy. Bat is more commonly eaten in SE Asia, Oceania and parts of Africa. This Chinese woman traveled to Palau as part of a travel show and tried the food there. Someone took clips from the travel show and lied about it saying it was in China.

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