End Cruel, Bloody Cockfights in Puerto Rico

Target: Wanda Vázquez Garced, Governor of Puerto Rico

Goal: Uphold federal ban on the cruel sport of cockfighting.

Cockfighting is set to be continued in Puerto Rico in defiance of a federal ban, protecting a cruel practice which has gone on for far too long. The ban, which was signed into law in 2018 by President Trump in a rare progressive measure, has caused anger in Puerto Rico, where cockfighting has been practiced since its introduction by the Spanish over 400 years ago. Advocates of the sport claim that, not only does it generate much-needed revenue, but that it is a traditional element of Puerto Rican culture.

However, apart from serious doubts that cockfighting is as valuable as its practitioners claim, there is a widespread acknowledgment that it is brutal, bloody, and needlessly cruel. The sport involves training male chickens to fight, frequently to the death, with sharp spurs tied to their feet. The chickens are often injured, killed, or euthanized after suffering serious wounds for the sake of betting. Once widespread throughout the world, the sport has been dying out in recent years as awareness of its cruelty has spread, leaving Puerto Rico in an increasingly small minority.

Now, in defiance of the federal ban, the governor of Puerto Rico is set to sign a bill protecting cockfights and those who profit from it. It’s time to demand that Puerto Rico leave cruel entertainment behind and embrace the ban on cockfighting.


Dear Governor Vazquez,

Cockfighting is a cruel and backward sport, and the federal ban on it is a positive development in a world in which animal rights are under attack. Resisting the ban will be a step backward for Puerto Rico and for animals’ rights, marking the island as a haven for a vicious and inhumane sport.

We urge you to resist the opposition and act instead to uphold the ban. However much money is brought in from the sport, it is not worth the dignity of Puerto Rico and its people. By refusing to sign the bill which will protect the sport, you will have demonstrated to the world that Puerto Rico has the strength to stand up for animals’ rights, the strength to change, and to find new ways to prosper.


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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    There is a FEDERAL LAW AGAINST THIS; NO ANIMAL SHOULD EVER BE FORCED TO FIGHT with ANOTHER, FOR ANY REASON!!! This is a perverse characteristic of subhumans, who inexplicably derive pleasure from blood, injury and death, as long as it’s NOT their own, the COWARDS!!!

  2. This horrible, ugly thing must be stopped. No animal should ever have to fight for it’s life for the profit of others. Humans are sickening and heinous creatures.

  3. Instigation of the death penalty is an essential requirement to be implemented internationally.

  4. Instigation of the death penalty is an essential requirement to be implemented internationally re animal abusers.

  5. Wanda Vázquez Garced, Governor of Puerto Rico

    Uphold federal ban on the cruel sport of cockfighting.

    This sadism and evilness must be stopped and banned immediately.

    The lowlife animal torturing animal murdering monsters must be brought to Justice and put to death. An eye for an eye.
    Kill the lowlife monsters slowly.

  6. I get sick of these abusers using tradition as an excuse for cruelty, there is no excuse and ill treating animals is not tradition

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