Stop SeaWorld from Allegedly Lying about Orca Whales’ Health


Target: CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment, Joel Manby

Goal: Stop SeaWorld from appearing to lie about killer whales thriving in SeaWorld.

A new lawsuit against SeaWorld has gained media attention. The new case demands for the company to stop lying to the public about the well being of these massive and intelligent creatures. Thanks to the documentary Blackfish, many animal welfare activists want to end the captivity of orca whales in SeaWorld. The lawsuit’s plaintiffs are Marc Anderson and Ellexa Conway, but will be advised by the nonprofit environmental organization the Earth Island Institute. If you believe that the public shouldn’t be lied to about the true conditions of killer whales in captivity, sign this petition and urge CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment Jim Atchison to tell the truth.

According to the lawsuit, Conway and Anderson accuse SeaWorld of giving false statements about the killer whales’ well being, violating two of California’s laws about false advertising. (The organization is already facing two lawsuits, one of which was filed in the same month as Conway’s and Anderson’s).  SeaWorld trainers and other staff members repeatedly state that the whales are happy, healthy, and thriving, although footage, testimonies, and other evidence have shown otherwise. The popular documentary Blackfish shows the horrors and stress these whales experience while in captivity. Killer whales have been shown to be aggressive not just towards each other, but towards their trainers as well. A handful of trainers have been killed by these whales, and yet these animals still continue to perform for the public.

Studies have shown that killer whales are extremely intelligent creatures. These animals require a vast amount of space to thrive, as the ocean used to be their homes. The fact that SeaWorld also takes wild orcas and trains them to entertain the masses makes the company all the more disturbing. Some of these whales have experienced what it is like to be out in the wild. Imagine having the vast and vibrant ocean to live in, and then be tossed into a tank where one’s sole purpose in life is to entertain people. For many animal lovers, keeping these killer whales captive is cruel.

It is obvious that these killer whales are not thriving in captivity. They have become bored, depressed, angry, and volatile. The CEO of SeaWorld should stop lying to the public about the health of these animals. Children and adults should have the right to know how these animals are being treated, and what they have suffered. Sign this petition and tell Jim Atchison to stop spreading the lies.


Dear CEO Joel Manby,

Ever since the documentary Blackfish aired, the public has grown more and more concerned about the well being of killer whales. This documentary showed the various dangers and horrors both the SeaWorld trainers and the whales experience on a daily basis. Some of the footage showed a mother and calf being separated, killer whales hurting each other while they were in their tanks, and trainers being snatched and drowned by these massive animals. It is obvious to me that these animals are not thriving in captivity, if anything they are suffering.

Your company continues to say that these whales are healthy. I refuse to believe this statement. Taking into account what these whales have experienced and done, I would say that these animals are bored, depressed, stressed, and angry. As a concerned animal lover I urge you to stop lying to the public about the health of these whales. I urge you to state the truth, and that is these killer whales are not getting proper care.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Robert Pittman via NOAA

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  1. Christine Bennett says:



  2. Seems to me things at Seaworld have gotten totally out of hand, and someone of authority needs to step in and do something about it. I would like very much to see it closed down and set the animals free, if possible, if not, at least give them a decent habitat and healthcare.

  3. Sea World is the disgrace of Florida

  4. Debra Diana says:

    Seaworld is a hell hole for all the creatures there, but more so for the killer whales. Maybe someday the animals will be reigning over humans. You never know!!!! Then its pay back time for us! Seaworld’s CEO is an asshole and should be ashamed for letting this abuse continue.

  5. caryl sawyer says:

    Waste of time to sign, all Manby sees when he looks at animals is $$$. Real villains are the ignorant who pay to see animal abuse, as well as our do-nothing government beaureaucrats who give new meaning to the word “lazy.”

  6. I am sick and angry because of all the lies from SeaWorld, as well as our USDA for allowing them to continue inflicting cruelty on the precious marine life! Previous trainers, vets and other staff (the courageous ones) have attested to the abuse and deplorable situation for the orcas, dolphins and other marine life, in addition to the movie and book on the subject.

    This greedy and unethical company MUST be made to comply with the necessities for a decent life for this creatures. They are barely surviving (certainly not thriving) are incredibly stressed and depressed. There is NOTHING natural or healthy about their conditions. The USDA should be doing its job. After all the violations, nothing is changing. In addition, people that patronize SeaWorld are just enabling this abuse which infuriates me!

  7. somebody needs to put sea world right they are lying every time they open their mouth. put them out of business and let the animals go free.

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