Stop Reported Traumatizing of Pet Store Animals for Profit

Target: Peter Pritchard, CEO of Pets at Home

Goal: Cancel opening of interactive ‘pet villages’ that are allegedly traumatizing.

Small animals could seemingly suffer trauma and abuse due to the opening of so-called ‘pet villages’ at Pets at Home, a UK pet store chain. This exhibit includes fenced-in areas with tunnels and play areas in which children can come close to pens full of guinea pigs and rabbits. While this may seem like harmless, if somewhat odd, marketing, animal rights activists have roundly criticized the move, noting that a constant flow of strange faces and physical encounters can frighten and traumatize the animals.

Guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small animals require positive interactions, privacy, and a sense of security in their living spaces, just as every animal does. Pets at Home’s move to expose these animals to potentially frightening and unproductive human interactions could threaten not only these animals’ well-being, but the well-being of any future home to which they may go, because these environments are highly likely to impair their ability to form comfortable, healthy relationships with human owners.

Pets at Home’s use of animals as attractions in their stores is the seemingly most cynical form of treatment of animals, using living creatures as commodities to encourage customers to buy animals, products and services while yielding no benefits to the animals themselves. This unfair and reportedly cruel treatment of animals for the sake of greed must end immediately.


Dear Mr. Pritchard,

Your company’s new policy of incorporating small mammals into interactive ‘pet villages’ seemingly threatens to harm and disturb innocent creatures and further the treatment of animals as a commercial product. Despite the advice and protests of numerous experts who have pointed out that this treatment is unfair and almost certainly destructive, you and your company have seemingly decided to abuse rabbits and guinea pigs anyway.

I demand that you put an immediate stop to this reportedly cruel and cynical practice. Animals, no matter their size or appearance, are living creatures that deserve comfort, security, and respect, not to be treated as yet another engine of profit. End this practice for the sake of the animals’ health and safety and for the future happiness of your customers.


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Photo credit: Ewen Roberts

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  1. Wow, every time we turn around there’s a new way to exploit and abuse animals and this egregious way to abuse animals is appalling. There is no excuse or reason for this inane program and it really proves that all pet stores should cease selling live animals immediately as they cannot be trusted to work for the welfare of the animals they sell. Would you want someone’s face in your child’s nursery every day all day? This is the same, stop it now.

  2. Assholes clearly don’t give a shit about exploiting poor living creatures. There shouldn’t even be any live animals in pet stores anymore, only supplies!


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