Stop SeaWorld From Expanding to the Middle East

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Target: Jim Atchison, President and CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

Goal: Stop expansion of SeaWorld parks to other countries.

SeaWorld has announced plans to build parks in the Middle East by 2020 in spite of the recent negative publicity. It is no secret that SeaWorld has had a rough couple of years. This is bad news for current and future captive whales, as well as for the people who want to help them out of captivity.

The marine park has been under constant scrutiny since the release of “Blackfish,” a 2013 documentary which exposed the industry’s treatment of killer whales. SeaWorld’s profits have dropped and lawsuits are filed against the park regularly. Within the last few weeks, SeaWorld has been served three different lawsuits–two intent on gaining reimbursement for tickets purchased by past patrons, and one demanding that SeaWorld speak the truth about the psychological well-being of its captive whales. SeaWorld has remained steadfast in its publicized belief that it is not harming whales, but rather helping further education about them.

Such large, intelligent mammals do not belong in captivity, even if they were born and raised in a tank. Furthering injustices against killer whales by opening parks abroad is not conducive to a future where all intelligent mammals are respected and not experimented on. Urge the CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. to change his mind about opening parks in the Middle East and instead invest time and resources into phasing out the use of killer whales.


Dear Mr. Atchison,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for remaining accessible and civilized with the public and press in regards to charges and accusations brought against SeaWorld. You have been quite transparent about your beliefs and your business, and that deserves respect.

I would like to address SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.’s decision to expand to the Middle East by 2020. While this is obviously a business decision, I believe it is appropriate to address the emotional repercussions this decision will have on killer whales.

Ever since “Blackfish” surfaced, there have been numerous studies on the mental health of captive killer whales. One such study brought to light the fact that killer whales do not kill people in the wild. However, they obviously do when they are in captivity. Whales like Tilikum are incredibly bored and depressed as they receive inadequate stimulation while held in a tank. Inadequate mental or physical stimulation is not for lack of trying on the part of SeaWorld’s staff; rather, there is simply no possible way to replicate the life a whale lives in the ocean.

Mr. Atchison, it is time to stop believing that captivity at SeaWorld is the best thing that can happen to a killer whale. Those magnificent beasts need freedom, family, and peace. They cannot attain these necessities in captivity. Please do not expand SeaWorld any further and, instead, find ways to reverse the damages to wild and captive killer whales that SeaWorld has caused.


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Photo credit: Miss Quarrel via Flickr

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  1. Heather Brophy says:


  2. Beverley Foster says:

    The very name ‘SeaWorld’ conjures up a picture of these magnificent creatures swimming free in their natural environment-THE SEA! To keep them captive and performing meaningless tasks whether in the US, the Middle East or anywhere else on earth is cruel, inhumane and simply wrong. If you have any compassion, and care about anything other than money, please cancel your plans to expand, and close down your existing Marine prisons.

  3. Debra Diana says:

    I guess they think that “NO ONE” in the Middle East thinks like we do here about animal abuse. They are wrong. People all over the world care! Seaworld should just close the park for good. Have you seen their new commecial? Trainers and vets talking about how much they care. It is total bullshit trying to fix their bad reputation. They all make me sick!

  4. Christine Bennett says:


  5. As is truthfully said, if you truly LOVE someone, you must allow them the choice of the FREEDOM to be who & what they really are, where they want to be & go, and how they want to live. SeaWorld, you do NOTHING LIKE THIS for these whales, and that tells us everything we need to know about your true motivations. The only “education” you’ve ever provided is in how NOT to treat other living beings. FREE THE WHALES, all made SLAVES to your utter lack of moral compass!

  6. Catherine Alquier says:

    Some animals aren’t toys.

  7. This bitch is just covering her butt! How she got a licence; I don’t know but she needs to be kept away from all animals!

  8. Seaworld again! Should’ve known… can’t they accept their company is dying out?

  9. why the need to expand to the Middle East when you are in enough trouble here, these animals need to be free and go back to their families and lead a happy life. I think you should be put in a small tank and see how you like it, yet again typical men out to make a fast buck at the expense of animals.

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