Stop Cruel Dog Meat Festival

Target: Xi Jinping, President of China

Goal: Cancel Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Even though China’s government “officially” ended the slaughter of dogs in 2016, the country has undergone preparations for its Yulin Dog Meat Festival for two years in a row.

Almost 15,000 dogs are killed each year for this festival. Even worse, they are slaughtered brutally in the belief that the torture improves the meat’s taste. And a large portion of the dogs killed are pets stolen from their homes.

Activists in China are working to rescue as many dogs as possible. They are even stopping trucks transporting pets and strays to slaughterhouses. However, rescues would not be necessary at all if Chinese officials would follow through on their promise to end this senseless slaughter. Sign below and demand the immediate cancellation of this cruel festival.


Dear President Xi,

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is approaching quickly, despite your 2016 ban on the slaughter of dogs for their meat. During this festival, 15,000 dogs are kidnapped from their homes or off the streets, tortured, and killed.

I demand that you cancel this year’s dog meat festival and permanently ban the event. This festival is rooted in cruel and unimaginable torture as well as the kidnapping of beloved pets — it is time for this event to end. Cancel this festival, and show that your country has moved beyond such a senseless practice.


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Photo Credit: Dineshraj Goomany


  1. Karen Mckay says:

    WTF is this still happening?? Vile, vile stupid backwards barbarians. A curse on each and every one participating in this vile act. No mercy for you until this appalling so called festival is no more. Suffer daily until you atone you heartless scum.

  2. The USG is dropping bombs killing humans and animals alike in almost every country on earth. The few not being bombed, they are supplying CIA/MOSSAD trained terrorists with chemical & conventional weapons. Many of these bombs and weapons are tested in deserts, the seas and forests within the US itself, poisoning the children and animals. So tell me why anyone in the US has any business telling China or any other country what they can or can not do. Shouldn’t Americans clean up their own country and government before so arrogantly telling others how to live? I question who is really behind this whole campaign and doubt it has anything to do with saving pups and more to do with generating negative propaganda against China for the sake of the USG’s desire to rain death and destruction upon yet another country that dare not to bow down. Americans are too gullible and easily played.

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