Stop Cruel Dog Meat Festival

Target: Xi Jinping, President of China

Goal: Cancel Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Even though China’s government “officially” ended the slaughter of dogs in 2016, the country has undergone preparations for its Yulin Dog Meat Festival for two years in a row.

Almost 15,000 dogs are killed each year for this festival. Even worse, they are slaughtered brutally in the belief that the torture improves the meat’s taste. And a large portion of the dogs killed are pets stolen from their homes.

Activists in China are working to rescue as many dogs as possible. They are even stopping trucks transporting pets and strays to slaughterhouses. However, rescues would not be necessary at all if Chinese officials would follow through on their promise to end this senseless slaughter. Sign below and demand the immediate cancellation of this cruel festival.


Dear President Xi,

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is approaching quickly, despite your 2016 ban on the slaughter of dogs for their meat. During this festival, 15,000 dogs are kidnapped from their homes or off the streets, tortured, and killed.

I demand that you cancel this year’s dog meat festival and permanently ban the event. This festival is rooted in cruel and unimaginable torture as well as the kidnapping of beloved pets — it is time for this event to end. Cancel this festival, and show that your country has moved beyond such a senseless practice.


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Photo Credit: Dineshraj Goomany



  2. Please stop this it’s not fair stop this now poor animals how would you like it if it was your family

  3. You just had you’re great celebration. Why not show the world how far you’ve come from being a third world nation to a country that aggressively protects the most helpless among us.

  4. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Agree completely with everyone’s comments! China continues to conduct itself as a SAVAGE nation, with NO compassion OR common sense!!! We keep signing petitions, and they keep KILLING and EATING DOGS – please tell me WHY that continues to this day???

  5. Anyone participating in the dog festival is guilty of murder AND stealing…..taking family pets is just WRONG. Heartbreaking!

  6. Why not stop Turkey meat festival first? Thanksgiving killed turkeys are hundred times of dogs in dogs meat festival.not tell me dogs life is higher status than turkeys, I hate racism.

  7. Dogs meat festival just killed thousands of dogs one year. But American turkey meat festival, billions of lives are killed. Then you are telling me stop dogs meat festival? Why? Why you don’t stop American turkey meat festival first? Thanksgiving killed much more lives!!! If all of you think turkeys , chicken ,pigs, cows deserve to die , deserve to be killed. Dogs and cats deserve to be survive, please take your pets leave the earth. Animal racism are the most disgusting people! Dogs meat have no poison, if people can eat cows meat,why can not eat dogs meat?

    • I respect every living creature but you, lady, should see at least ONE footage made by Chinese or Vietnamese themselves. Just check it out and then present your view. At the moment I guess you no nothing.none.

    • Diane C Sprouse says:

      You are an idiot. Dogs are pets as are cats or do you have a Turkey as a pet. You must be from China and think this barbaric slaughter is ok. Just shut up. You’ve pissed me off.

      • Well said. And I would guess that most of those signing these petitions are vegetarians or vegans and wouldn’t dream of eating the carcasses of other beings, let alone torture them beforehand.

  8. Brenda Lomeli says:

    Signed ✔

  9. Remember To tell every culture what to do ,Do you want them to stop you from eating pork?Any way was in Vietnam dog meat taste like chicken

    • Sara Lascoue says:

      And in some parts of the Fiji islands, the natives practice cannibalism. So, perhaps we should drag your ass out there and have the natives turn you into a shish kabob. But first, we gotta make sure that you’re beaten and tortured before they cook you, just like what those heartless Chinese do to dogs. I’m pretty sure we can find a lot of volunteers who’d love to “tenderize” your disgusting flesh before the natives boil it alive. You’re a failed abortion!

    • Dennis, you are an ass. Please don’t tell me that tastes like.

  10. Eating animals is clearly wrong in my opinion, but dogs and cats are domestic animals who have been brought into the homes to live. They have feelings, emotions and can communicate with us. To simply take them and throw them into a pot of boiling water, burned by a blow torch or skinned alive is HORRIBLE!!!

    How can any so-called human Overlook that and think its okay? I hope all those selfish idiots who kill these animals burn in HELL!!! Or better yet, if reincarnation is true, let the bastards come back in the body of the animal that they destroyed and suffer the same fate!

  11. It doesn’t matter what animal is murdered and skinned alive if you love any animal you don’t eat them it’s paying for murder the only way to stithis is to go plant based worldwide not only protects our planet but saves all living breathing beings too.. is also healthier and kinder to any animals that harm no one don’t support murder keep meat off your plates forever let’s end this suffering of beautiful innocent animals now?

  12. Dogs and cats are meant to be pets not delicacies. Tradition or not it makes me puke. This should be banned!

  13. Cynthia Mattera says:

    This festival as well as their dog & cat eating needs to be illegal and done for good. If the people continue to torture and eat these animals they should be arrested and locked up. Come on now….this is barbaric and has no place in society today. Please be compassionate and stop this!!!!

  14. Ping is NOT a president who is freely elected. He is a dictator and emperor. They have killed 20 million of their own people and regularly kill Christians ,muslims and others for organ harvesting.
    I signed the petition but this is an evil dictator and doesnt care about people or animals. He only cares about money you have ti hit him where it hurts!

  15. rita del conte says:

    these bloody bastards !!!stop buying anything from these helthy people

  16. Jaime Perez says:

    I’ve signed so many of these petitions to help get this unholy practice stopped. Someone has got to start listening to those of us who object to this heinous practice. Dogs and cats are not dinner!!

  17. It is essential that we band together internationally and exterminate each and everyone of these ugly asian slant eye scumbag dog and cat murdering bastards!

    • Yes Michelle I agree, the whole area needs a disaster to wipe the slitty eyed evil retards off the earth, evil, greedy, nasty subhumans. I wish them hell and damnation . Justice for animals

      • These retards are SAVAGES and deserve to be shot and burnt because there is no need for the monsters to live – I too would like something to wipe the whole lot off the earth

    • Michelle. I definitely agree. Eradicate every one of these lowlife animal toturing murdering slanty eye animal torturers and animal murderers from our planet earth.

  18. Jacqui Skill says:

    Stop this barbarism now ! ..this should be outlawed Stop these sick barbarians from doing this!!

  19. Countries like China don’t accord their citizens human rights. Please don’t think for a moment that animals have rights. This barbaric practice will continue until every human has fallen off the face of Mother Earth.

  20. Fuck China! I am so sick and tired of this fucking country with its heartless people who kill everything and anything in the name of tradition and medicine . We need to boycott this disgusting country . They are ruthless and have zero respect for nature

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