Dog Reportedly Shot in Face Deserves Justice

Target: Steven Briden, Senior Assistant Attorney for Carroll County, New Hampshire

Goal: Punish the man who allegedly shot a dog for defecating in the house.

A dog was reportedly shot in the face in a heinous case of animal cruelty. The attack was apparently a punishment for defecating in the house. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Ozzy, a medium-sized brown and white dog, spent his last living moments in utter agony after he was reportedly shot in the face. The suspect, Jonathan Ames, seemingly became frustrated with Ozzy when he defecated in the house and turned a gun on the poor pup. The bullet reportedly shattered Ozzy’s jaw and the fragments spread throughout his cheeks. Ames then fled the scene, officers stated, leaving the dog alone to suffer until rescuers came around to help. Ozzy was eventually euthanized due to the extent of his injuries.

Ames has been charged with felony animal cruelty, a crime punishable by a 3-1/2 to 7-year prison sentence and a $4,000 fine. Sign below and demand that the person found responsible for this crime receives the maximum penalty possible by law.


Dear Assistant Attorney Briden,

A trail of blood led officers into the entryway of a crime scene, where an innocent pet was apparently punished with a bullet to the face. Ozzy, a medium-sized brown and white dog, reportedly endured agony at the hands of Jonathon Ames. Ames shot Ozzy because he defecated on the floor, officers stated, and then left the dog alone to suffer. The bullet reportedly shattered Ozzy’s jaw and its fragments spread throughout his cheeks. The injury was so severe that Ozzy was euthanized to ease his suffering. Now, Ames has been charged with felony animal cruelty and Ozzy’s suffering and death may not be in vain.

Felony animal cruelty carries a punishment of up to seven years in prison and a hefty fine. If found guilty, then Ames deserves the harshest penalty possible by law. Take a stand against animal cruelty and seek out the maximum penalty possible in this case.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Dwayne Denton says:

    Kill the fucker and be done with it after all thats what he did to poor Ozzy RIP boy. The man that did this deserves to die in the same way so he knows
    how you suffered

  2. Seven years and a hefty fine is a slap on the wrist. If this monster shot the dog for defecating in the house, he deserves the same fate as he is the walking embodiment of the package the dog left in the house. Doing this to a dog is one step toward serial killer territory. Best put him in the ground before he hurts anyone else.

    Further, if this monsters guns are not taken from him and he is not banned from both owning pets and guns for the rest of his hopefully much shorter natural life than a great abortion of Justice will have played out.

  3. Margherita Olivieri says:

    Why waste time and money prosecuting him? Just shoot the piece of shit in the face and leave him to die.

    • Helene St-Pierre says:

      Agree totally with you! Why humans are so cruel with animals.I do not understand why people like this insensitive monster have the right to own weapons. It’s a shame…

      • It’s heartbreaking, People applying to purchase ANY animal should definitely need some sort of ‘education ” and a police check ! ANY sign of suspicion and they should get a life time ban from EVER owning ANY animals !

  4. This poor dog had no idea why he was being hurt so badly. The guy who did this needs to get the maximum punishment! He’s just another POS animal abuser.

  5. Kathleen Nagy-DeRosa says:

    What a POS! Disgusting and sickening.

  6. Punish that SOB by shooting him in the face and leave it to suffer just like the poor dog that didnt desereve that did…Accidents happen but that SOB should NEVER own another pet of any sort…

  7. This moron should be shot in the face. Then don’t call for help or an ambulance. We don’t want this scum bag walking among decent humans, or any living creature.

  8. PAMELA J HENGST says:

    RIP little Ozzy. I am so sorry. As for Jonathan ames, what a bully and worthless human. He must receive the maximum seven years in prison. He must never be allowed to own another pet. Better yet just kill him. He is using valuable space in our planet.

  9. This human scum is a cowardly murderer. What happens when “it” reproduces and its child poos, vomits or whatever (as ALL animals and children do); is it going to kill again?? Dangerous, waste of air, human monster, should be euthanized. Sleep well dear pooch – you belong to God now.

  10. Janice Littlejohn says:

    I have read several of the comments here, and I have to say, you all (or most anyway), feel the same as I do. This guy and all the scumbags like him, deserve the same fate as the animals they shot, maimed, or otherwise destroyed, and murdered. I wish I could find a magic lamp with a vigilante genie. Guess what my first wish would be! BEWARE MURDERERS OF ANIMALS!!!

  11. Michelle Stewart says:

    That bastard deserves to be shot in the face, all tied up and chained to a big tree with no way to escape, and left to die an agonizing death. Poor Ozzy. That bastard must be charged with 5 animal cruelty felonies, spend 10 years in prison with no early parole, pay a $100,000 fine, and be banned for life of owning or going near any animals ever again.

  12. Jonathan Ames is a sadistic subhuman with anger issues and will pull a trigger on anything that irritates him..he needs maximum time allowed..If he walks, I hope someone does to him what he really deserves!!!

  13. This POS deserves the same treatment, for this POS “goes” in the house too! This POS probably was too lazy to take the dog outside. Who knows what other abuse this poor defenseless dog has suffered behind closed doors. Outlaw his guns so he doesn’t do it again possible to a child next. Don’t even put him in jail….too lenient for the crime. Give him the same fate as he did to this poor pup! NOW that would be JUSTICE!!!

  14. Shoot the worthless POS in the face & leave him to suffer an agonising slow death. All SOBs that do these heinous crimes should be made to suffer the same way their victims did.

  15. The law really needs a overhalled. These muthafuckers need to be jailed for years for harming or killing a animal (pet) Public stonings sound good to me too

  16. Elaine Smith says:

    A twisted, cowardly, psychotic sack of human excrement .. a waste of human .. needs to be eradicated from society .. too much of this walking garbage polluting our planet .. thick brainless morons who expect pups to come ready trained .. dohh .. hope doesnt have kids .. twice the density !!

  17. Ames you cursed individual. May you suffer the remains of your miserable days. A curse on you, you vile pos.

  18. Jill Orton says:

    The trouble is no matter how many people demand justice for cruelty to animals and in this particular case SUCH cruelty,
    justice is never served and these cruel idiots go free or have a slap n the wrist. Are there no judges of magistrates who are of the same mind as the people who write to this website, kill him or jail him for life. This poor dog does deserve justice but he’s never going to get it with the justice system as it is. Make him pay and make him pay well for this crime.

  19. lisa atkinson says:

    The poor dog probably went to the toilet in the house because he had no choice i think Ozzys life before he was shot would of been hell and abusive and im sure people must of known.

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