Justice for 100+ Abused Animals Left to Die

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Target: Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott

Goal: Punish the woman who allegedly left over 100 animals in such abhorrent conditions that some of the animals died.

Caroline Irby, a Coffee County, Tenn., woman was recently charged with extreme animal neglect after authorities had to rescue 90 dogs and puppies and seven cats from her home where the creatures were reportedly found living in deplorable conditions.

Instead of being provided with fresh food, air and space to run around, many of the animals were reportedly discovered malnourished and emaciated. Numerous animals were allegedly living in total darkness in a garage in rust-covered cages that were covered in cobwebs and filled with near fatal levels of ammonia, and the animals’ own feces and urine. Some of the dogs were stuck to their cages from sitting in the excrement for so long, and some were so dirty that their breed was unable to be identified.

Other animals were allegedly found in a barn with no windows, and others were in garbage-filled rooms in the home. These extreme conditions caused many of the animals to become severely distressed. The maggot-covered remains of ten dogs were also found in a wheelbarrow during the rescue. Rescuers said many of the animals were barely holding on to life and were having difficulty breathing. Luckily, the creatures were quickly taken to an emergency shelter with veterinary care.

The lives and welfare of over 100 animals were left uncared for and abused thanks to this alleged extreme animal neglect. This kind of offense must be taken seriously and full consequences enforced for hurting animals in such horrific ways. Demand the full punishment for the woman who is accused of committing this heinous crime.


Dear Attorney Northcott,

Caroline Irby, a woman from your county in Tennesee, was recently charged with extreme animal neglect after your officers had to rescue 90 dogs and puppies and seven cats from her home where the creatures were reportedly found living in disgusting conditions. Many of the animals were starving to death, living in complete darkness or locked away in bedrooms. Their living areas were covered in feces and urine, with some animals so dirty they were stuck to the floor and unidentifiable. Ten animals were found dead, and others were barely holding on to life.

I’m thankful that your officers were able to rescue so many of the animals before it was too late and get them to veterinary care. However, there was a complete lack of care for the welfare of these animals and acts of extreme animal neglect were committed. This kind of sickening behavior cannot be tolerated. I urge you to push for this woman to be punished to the full extent of the law if she is convicted for her crime.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. There is no place to comment on this page.

  2. Catherine Alquier says:

    This woman wanted probably money for those animals, how can she give them this life, she has to be punish.

  3. KatWrangler says:

    In this case, an eye for an eye is justifiable.

  4. Lock her up (preferably in a small cage) and in the same horrible conditions that those poor, helpless animals had to live in. Let her live without food, water, and without anyone love or care for her. Also, I could care less if that sounds heartless. There is no excuse for what she did. I’m sick and tired of hearing similar stories about IDIOTS like this woman, abusing and torturing helpless animals. She deserves NO MERCY !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Right you are: she does NOT DESERVE MERCY!!!!! She should rot away under the same conditions she made these poor animals to go through.

  5. Tina shurtleff says:

    I live in the so called Bible Belt but for some reason animal abuse and neglect are rampant. Dogs and cats are left at dump sites or dumped along the roads. They are left out in the bitter cold. Hunting dogs are starved so they “hunt better”. Or they are shot or left to die in the woods if they do not. Puppy mills are unregulated and puppies are sold at 5-6 weeks which is illegal in most states. There are several passages in the bible about protecting animals. Guess they skip those parts in church. Put this selfish cruel woman in jail.

  6. I smell mental instability! She should’ve NEVER had animals — my heart breaks for these sweeties who suffered day in and day out under the care of a psycho! She should be held accountable — WE DO NOT WANT THIS KIND OF CRIME REPEATED! She should NOT be anywhere near animals EVER again!

  7. this woman should be punished to the hilt for her cruelty to all these animals , make sure she does pay aswell.

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