Demand Justice for Cat Mauled by Police Dog


Target: Charlie Beck, Chief, Los Angeles Police Department

Goal: Punish officers who allegedly failed to report a police dog’s attack on a cat.

A pet cat was recently found bloodied and mauled after police and K-9 units entered an apartment complex looking for a robbery suspect. Three officers and an off-leash search dog, a Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd mix, searched each residence in the complex before leaving empty-handed. When they left, a cat owner followed a trail of blood to underneath her bed, where her severely injured cat was found hiding.

Owner Alissa Kirby rushed the two-year-old tabby to a veterinarian who found puncture wounds on the cat’s chest consistent with the bite marks of a large dog. The cat, named Butters, also suffered from internal bruising and required a single stitch to her paw, where her claw had been ripped out. According to Kirby, because she neither owns a large dog or allows her cat outside, the only possibility is that the cat was mauled by the dog that entered her apartment.

Kirby noted that at no time did an officer approach her to admit what happened to her cat. When she filed a complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department seeking recompense for $1,000 in veterinary bills, she found that the same officer who allegedly failed to notify her of the attack also failed to file a police report on the incident. According to LAPD protocol, dog handlers are required to report any bites that occur.

The cat is fortunately expected to make a full recovery, though the situation could have ended very differently had the owner not found her can so soon after the attack. While injuries sometimes happen when two animals meet, the officers handling the dog showed a disturbing lack of accountability by allegedly failing to report the incident. Sign the petition below to demand that the LAPD punish the officers reportedly responsible for this blatant negligence.


Dear Chief Charlie Beck,

Apartment resident Alissa Kirby recently found her pet cat suffering from severe bite wounds after three police officers and an unleashed K-9 unit entered her home in search of a robbery suspect. She allegedly was not notified of the altercation by the officers, and found her bloodied cat hiding under her bed. According to a veterinarian, the bites on the cat are consistent with that of a large-breed dog.

While accidents like this do sometimes happen, the officer’s alleged failure to notify the owner or file a report of the incident shows a lack of responsibility and decency. These types of people should not be entering private homes with dangerous animals. We, the undersigned, demand that the dog handlers are punished for their alleged callous actions.


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Photo credit: Michael Pereckas via Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. KatWrangler says:

    This K-9 Cop was supposed to be controlled by his human partner, so I believe K-9 was egged on by the people around him. Sad for the dog and horrible for the cat. LAPD is totally responsible for Alissa Kirby and Butter’s suffering and medical care.

    I’m a cat person, but I love all animals, and I do not blame this dog. He’s just like any other dog who did violence – it’s always the person involved who is responsible. Any “bad” dog = bad human alpha.

    Get well soon, Butters ♥

  2. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! I respect police dogs, but there is NO excuse for any police dog to harm a cat period. This dog needs to be retrained. The way these dogs are trained is relevant. The trainers should be punished and charged for cruelty to this cat. The cops should have taken the cat to the vet themselves and get the dog trained properly. Police dogs do not need to be violent for no reason and they need to listen to commands. If the dog cannot be trained this well, and I believe this is a training issue – a poorly trained issue, then the dog should not be a police dog. I suspect it is the trainers fault for how they have trained this dog.

  3. Valerie Nordberg says:

    It seems to me that the world today shows little responsibility for its actions. People in high positions are most reluctant to take the blame for anything or see to remedies and this of course seeps down to lower levels who follow the lead. It is another form of incompetence and cowardness.

  4. I don’t blame the dog. I blame the officer that should have been watching the dog. This should not have happened. Imagine coming home and finding your pet / friend / child severely injured or dead (?)

  5. Karen Remnant says:

    Another cop who believes he’s above the law? Protect and serve your own best interest – again!

  6. prosecute these dog handlers for not doing their jobs properly, it is not the dogs fault or the cat sort them out NOW

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