Punish Shooter Behind Mass Slaughter of Wild Burros

Target: Jason Anderson, District Attorney for San Bernardino County, California

 Goal: Prosecute and punish the person who shot and killed 42 wild burros.

Wild burros are being shot to death at an alarming rate. Dozens of them have been killed in California’s Mojave Desert, and the person behind the slaying is still at large. Demand justice for these iconic animals.

“Burros have been forgotten and underrepresented in the equine rights conversations. Burros must be given a prominent voice and enhanced status and protection on the range,” stated The Platero Project, a Humane Society initiative focused on the conservation of wild burros and mustangs, in a public statement. They and many others donated to a growing reward fund initiated by California’s Federal authorities for the capture, prosecution, and punishment of an unidentified animal cruelty offender. This unknown offender is considered responsible for the abrupt and illegal deaths of 42 wild burros in the Mojave Desert beginning in May. The federally protected animals were all found shot to death in northeast San Bernardino county, some near a watering hole.

Burros are protected under the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. Capturing, branding, harassing or killing wild, free-roaming horses or burros carries a punishment of a fine and jail time. Sign below and demand that the person behind these cruel slayings is brought to justice.


Dear District Attorney Anderson,

Dozens of California’s majestic burros are dead at the hands of an unknown gunman. Forty-two of these animals have been found shot to death in northeast San Bernardino county since May, their bodies littering the Mojave Desert. Some were found near a watering hole with gunshot wounds to their necks, indicating that this is a deliberate and malicious act of cruelty. Killing burros for any reason is a crime under the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and punishable by a fine and jail time.

Eight prominent conservation and animal welfare organizations have pledged money towards a reward fund dedicated to finding the person behind this slaughter. Until that person is brought to justice, this iconic species is in constant danger. I demand that you prosecute this offender, once they are charged, and seek the maximum penalty possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Bureau of Land Management California


  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    California can’t seem to do anything good or right lately, can they? They allow homelessness to prevail along with disease-riddled & rat-infested streets, provide sanctuary to illegal immigrants, promote pedophilia as a ‘normal sexual orientation’ (San Francisco), gun down animals protected by Federal Law, allow PG&E ‘smart meters’ to catch houses on fire, escalating horrific wildfires with major property & animal loss, etc. I used to live there, but I’m sure glad I don’t anymore! Let’s find this ‘unknown gunman-murderer’ and MAKE HIM PAY for his cowardly act! SIGNED & SHARED!

  2. Lynn Swanson says:

    Find the person who did this; We need harsh long punishments for animal abuse. There’s no excuse for this behavior. I’ve seen them passing through the desert. They’re beautiful animals; it’s an honor to see them in nature. We must defend these innocent creatures.

  3. Another animal torturer and animal murderer that must be caught and eradicated from our planet earth.

  4. Diane C Sprouse says:

    California needs to be sawed off the United States and let it float the Pacific Ocean.

  5. Find and kill this animal murdered. Amen, gracias

  6. Find and kill this piece of shit animal murderer. Amen, gracias

  7. I cannot tell you just how much I hate San Bernardino. Their animal shelter tortures and kills animals with reckless abandon, and now this. What a sick city full of inhumane people.

  8. Frances Leard says:

    These sick low life cowards need to be put out of their misery. I hope someone finds them and does the same thing to them. This cruelty and madness must be stopped by these sub humans.

  9. Instigation of the death penalty is essential for this animal abusing/murdering bastard.I am ready,willing and ale to help implement this procedure.

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