Stop Abusing Wildlife for Tourism Industry Profits

Target: Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister of Thailand

Goal: Put an end to dangerous and unethical wildlife tourism in Thailand.

Over 140 tigers were confiscated from a Thailand shrine where tourists could pay a fee to take selfies with the animals. Over half of these tigers did not get to enjoy freedom very long, though, dying of illness shortly after their rescue. Officials believe inbreeding among the captive tigers is responsible for these tigers’ deaths, in addition to the dead cubs found in several freezers on shrine property.

Tigers are not the only animals to suffer from wildlife tourism. Travelers can also pay handsomely to bathe with elephants and hold monkeys, a very lucrative business for Thailand’s tourist industry. Such activities are harmful to the animals, however. The presence of so many humans can be stressful for them, in addition to being passed around like objects and having their personal space invaded. It can lead to illness, both from the mental strain and from the germs passed around by human activity.

These activities need to stop immediately. We cannot allow innocent animals to suffer from mental strain and health risks for the sake of monetary gain. Sign this petition to demand Thailand close down all wildlife tourist activities.


Dear Prime Minister Prayut,

Over 60 tigers rescued from a shrine have died, an indirect result of the shrine allowing tourists to take selfies with them. Officials found several more dead cubs in freezers, the possible results of inbreeding. Worse, these tigers are not the only victims of wildlife tourism.

Wildlife tourism is very dangerous to animals. Monkeys, elephants, and tigers continually have their space invaded by these people. Bathing with elephants, holding monkeys and passing them around like objects, and selfies with tigers are a lucrative business for the tourism industry at the expense of the animals’ well-being. No monetary gain is worth these animals’ suffering. Stop all wildlife tourism immediately, to prevent future unnecessary deaths.


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  1. Sure it would be great to do all these things with wild animals, but it’s not humane to do things like this with innocent animals. They are not props to be passed around or have their space invaded by humans. It’s all a greed thing. People do bad things for a profit!

  2. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister of Thailand
    Put an end to dangerous and unethical wildlife tourism in Thailand.These Asian monsters show no compassion, no empathy, no decency, no integrity and definitely no moral ethics whatsoever when it comes to care of the precious and innocent Wildlife and all the other precious and innocent animals. The Asians are the monsters on our planet earth.

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