Cat Nearly Choked to Death With Rope Deserves Justice

Target: Dave Young, District Attorney for Adams County, Colorado

Goal: Punish the person who tortured and nearly killed a beloved pet cat.

A beloved pet cat was abducted and choked in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Restrained with zip ties and a rope, he nearly died on the street after being mercilessly tortured by an unknown assailant. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

“I was just listening for a meow and he couldn’t meow because he was being choked,” stated Galen Gallardo, Sunny’s owner. He combed the streets of Henderson in search of his beloved cat after the animal disappeared for a day. Eventually, Sunny was found by a community service officer and brought to a local animal shelter in poor condition. The cat had zip ties on all four of his legs and a rope around his neck that tightened every time he dared to move. His nails were filed down so much that his paws were blistered and covered in blood.

Sunny is recovering at home with his owner. Meanwhile, the person behind this abuse is still at large. Sign below and demand that this person is identified, prosecuted, and punished for this unimaginable crime.


Dear District Attorney Young,

A beloved pet was abducted from a Henderson street, tortured, and then left to die in a twisted tale of animal abuse. Sunny, a senior cat, disappeared and turned up at an animal shelter a day later in terrible condition. His nails had been filed down to the bone, leaving bloody blisters on all four of his paws. Zip ties restrained his legs and a rope, tied tightly around his neck, restricted his ability to cry out for help. Luckily, the cat was discovered just in time to save his life and he is recovering with his owner, who is both incredibly relieved and concerned that the perpetrator is still at large.

Anyone who could deliberately torture a cat in this way is likely a danger to other animals in the Henderson area. They must be removed from the streets promptly. I demand that you prosecute this person and seek the maximum penalty possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Galen Gallardo



    I just need a few seconds…..A FEW SECONDS with this EVIL VILE AND PIECE OF SHIT!

  2. Sick rat bastard(s) Find them and put them on a list to never be able to own or be around animals again. Prosecute, fine and jail is not

  3. Don’t let these psychos continue to get away with cruelty!

  4. Everyone in Henderson better keep their cats indoors, there is a complete psycho walking among you…it could be a neighbor. Hd could just be getting started.

  5. Mary Harrington says:

    You think this nut job will be caught? Me neither. These dirt bags have no reason to curb their appetite for torture and murder. The consequence must fit the crime or these subhumans will never know that it is wrong to do these horrid things to innocent animals. This person will be moving on to people, now that they know they can get away with this kind of behavior…all thanks to liberal judges!!!

  6. A curse on the subhuman scum responsible. reap as you have sown. Thank your lucky stars that i cant catch up with you. May you wish you had never been born, you worthless oxygen thief. I really hope you catch this waste of oxygen and ensure severe punishment is handed out. One way or another. A very dangerous individual. Throw away the key.

  7. This bastard needs to suffer the same consequences that this kitty did! My heart is breaking and it brings tears to my eyes that you could do this to a little cat. Anyone who hurts an animal needs to pay the price, big time. The person who did this is too good for jail time, they need more. See how he feels, let him scream! He is a piece of crap and does not deserve the air that we breathe.And to the person who owns this cat, I understand and I can’t imagine what you went through, but do not let your cat outside you need to know where they are at all times. I have had cats all of my life and Always have a visual of them before I leave the house.
    To the person who did this, I hope you rot in hell!!

  8. I just can’t comprehend if you own pets you leave them outside??!! No!! This is why you don’t leave anyvoet outdoors with no supervision!!!! Tooo many DEMENTED losers out there!!!

  9. Can someone please find the piece of human shit that did this and give them the same treatment. Make sure you pull the zip tie really tight.

  10. If this SOB is ever found, would someone REALLY pay him back? Avenge the torture of this poor cat? We talk big, but will anyone do something the law can’t do, or refuses to do?

  11. Debra Broach says:

    Cut this imbacile’s arm and hand off to live his life without those limbs so that he can’t grab another animal to abuse and torture. That will nip that problem in the bud completely. I guarantee you. Step up laws!!!!

  12. Becky Beck says:

    I hope you catch these or this SOB and zip tie them and then take them to the city Dump and let them live there and hopefully die there as well.. low life scum bags

  13. Tamara Austin says:

    Kill the stupid brainless and im sure small dicked scum sucking coward.And do it slow and painful as possible. Waste of space so I’m sure no one would even notice the fucktard was missing unless perhaps the air smelled better all of a sudden. If it had balls I’d say zip tie them as tight as possible and make it eat shit and lick shitty assholes for days.But pretty sure he has no balls.Perhaps shove a bat up his asshole hopefully with splinters!!

  14. Janet Garraghan says:

    This evil monster is a danger to society and must be caught and punished severely! An utter abomination that they have carried out such a heinous act yet have not been caught! Someone, somewhere knows something! The authorities need to step up and act now to protect their society!

  15. Denise Devereux says:

    AN EYE FOR AN EYE. Find the Bastard that did this and show him some STREET JUSTICE. The law will just kiss his ass.

    It will be a child next. Serial Killer in Training.

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