Cat Nearly Choked to Death With Rope Deserves Justice

Target: Dave Young, District Attorney for Adams County, Colorado

Goal: Punish the person who tortured and nearly killed a beloved pet cat.

A beloved pet cat was abducted and choked in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Restrained with zip ties and a rope, he nearly died on the street after being mercilessly tortured by an unknown assailant. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

“I was just listening for a meow and he couldn’t meow because he was being choked,” stated Galen Gallardo, Sunny’s owner. He combed the streets of Henderson in search of his beloved cat after the animal disappeared for a day. Eventually, Sunny was found by a community service officer and brought to a local animal shelter in poor condition. The cat had zip ties on all four of his legs and a rope around his neck that tightened every time he dared to move. His nails were filed down so much that his paws were blistered and covered in blood.

Sunny is recovering at home with his owner. Meanwhile, the person behind this abuse is still at large. Sign below and demand that this person is identified, prosecuted, and punished for this unimaginable crime.


Dear District Attorney Young,

A beloved pet was abducted from a Henderson street, tortured, and then left to die in a twisted tale of animal abuse. Sunny, a senior cat, disappeared and turned up at an animal shelter a day later in terrible condition. His nails had been filed down to the bone, leaving bloody blisters on all four of his paws. Zip ties restrained his legs and a rope, tied tightly around his neck, restricted his ability to cry out for help. Luckily, the cat was discovered just in time to save his life and he is recovering with his owner, who is both incredibly relieved and concerned that the perpetrator is still at large.

Anyone who could deliberately torture a cat in this way is likely a danger to other animals in the Henderson area. They must be removed from the streets promptly. I demand that you prosecute this person and seek the maximum penalty possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Galen Gallardo


  1. What the hell is wrong with these muthafuckers who kill or harm animals. This sort of CRIME needs to be tougher sentences. Don’t pay for the injection or electric chair… GAS THE BASTARDS

  2. Catch the SOB and hang him/her

  3. Whoever did this is a sick piece of garbage. What a sadistic and cruel monster this freak is. I’m so glad the cat was saved!! The death penalty for animal abusers.

  4. Poor Sunny. Thank goodness this precious doll was rescued in time. I am sending healing hugs and kisses to this beautiful baby. Meanwhile, I hope that heartless monster is caught and tortured!

    I cannot stress this enough to other cat parents — please keep your cats indoors for their own safety. Their are far too many dangers out their +- even in safe, little towns. My cats are very content living indoors.

  5. transformation6891Janey says:

    This is serial killer type behaviour and must be severly penalised. Yes cats being kept indoor is essential with people who would do this to any animalnearby. Sending healing love to Sunny and his owner i cannot imagine the pain of facing this inhuman act

  6. I have 3 words regarding the psychopath who did this: Find and kill.

  7. Hope the Owner keeps this precious furbaby very close to them – there is a very twisted psycho roaming their streets that needs to be caught and removed from society (no slap on the wrist – real justice please)

  8. This happened to my kitten when I was a child, only she did not live. Two disturbed teens in and out of juvenile facilities. Tried to attack me also. This behavior does escalate in the future.

  9. Dave Young, District Attorney for Adams County, Colorado

    Catch this animal torturing lowlife monster and put the monster bastard to death. This lowlife monster deliberately tortured and nearly killed a beloved pet cat.

    A beloved pet cat was abducted and choked in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Restrained with zip ties and a rope, he nearly died on the street after being mercilessly tortured by an unknown assailant.

    I am so glad that precious Sunny was saved. I have 5 precious and beautiful cats who I love so much. My babies are indoor cats and also have a large safe enclosure where they can go out side with no threat from lowlife animal torturing monsters.

    No body should allow their precious cats or dogs to roam, They must be kept at home and kept safe. Please do not allow your precious cats and dogs to roam. Now adays they are not safe from these vile and evil psychopathic depraved animal torturing and animal murdering lowlife monsters from hell.

    I demand the death penalty for this lowlife monster from hell.

    This vile and evil psychopathic depraved pea size brain monster will continue torturing and murdering the innocent and precious animals if this lowlife psycho f— is not eradicated from our planet. Kill it slowly. An eye for an eye.

    All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death. This is the only way we can rid our planet from these lowlife psycho animal torturing and animal murdering monsters from hell. Kill them all.

    • Julia Edinger says:


    • Well said Bev, but unfortunately the laws are stupid and too lazy to care and take care of business. They give these heartless punks slaps on the wrist, or a measles fine, or some meaningless community service which doesn’t faze them one bit. I am for dismembering any animal abuse. Cut off their hands and arms so they can’t hurt any other animal or anyone again. First offense, cut off an arm. Second offense if they dare do it again, a leg. Let them live the rest of their lives crippled with a law stating that they can’t get any type of prosthetic. They will have to be dismembered for life, because obviously the laws are not going to kill those evil pieces of crap, so let them cut off everything so those miserable punks can live miserable lives. I can only dream and hope.

  10. Margaret Kinlaw says:

    I hope you sick piece of shit you get cancer and die a slow painful death . Then meet your maker who will send you to hell for abusing his creatures!!!!

  11. Males me heart sick to think of what this poor animal went through. Sick and cowardly act by whoever did it.

  12. I hope the find the person who did this. Sounds like a serial killer of cats. I’m sure it is not the first time a cat has been tortured by this creep! Glad Sunny is recovering – god bless him.

  13. Julia Edinger says:

    Please please!!! Find that “EVIL BEING” ASAP!!!!
    Serial killer “MUST “ be stopped !!! Innocent animals and children are in “danger”……..

  14. What horrible evil people we have out there. Hope someone beats this guy to a pulp and leaves him to fend for himself.

  15. Death penalty for those BASTARDS!!!
    It should be no place in our society for people who hurt or kill innocent defenseless animals

  16. Please hang that heartless, EVIL punk. The laws aren’t stopping up and handling animal cruelty like they should. This is going to keep happening. Innocent animals are going to constantly suffer, in a horrendous, cruel way because of the laws.

  17. Sounds like the person or people who did this has serious mental disorders. He/she/they are really dangerous not only to the animals but also to the entire society.

    Police and law enforcement should take those more seriously and learn from the science research how serious criminals can develop their ability to hurt people without hesitation but with more pleasure little by little. They all started from the animals.

  18. Diane C Sprouse says:

    Sick bastard! Now find him and judges could you please not let animal abusers get by with these. Only you can stop this!

  19. Find this sick, sadistic, demonic sub-human and ensure that he has no further contact with animals, children or with any decent human being. This ignorant, sick, psychopath has no place on the earth and, if allowed to run free, will go on to harm every sort of living being with whom he comes in contact. How is it that those who live with and around this moron have let this go on without report it? Also, be certain that this thing does no breed.

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