Cat Nearly Choked to Death With Rope Deserves Justice

Target: Dave Young, District Attorney for Adams County, Colorado

Goal: Punish the person who tortured and nearly killed a beloved pet cat.

A beloved pet cat was abducted and choked in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Restrained with zip ties and a rope, he nearly died on the street after being mercilessly tortured by an unknown assailant. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

“I was just listening for a meow and he couldn’t meow because he was being choked,” stated Galen Gallardo, Sunny’s owner. He combed the streets of Henderson in search of his beloved cat after the animal disappeared for a day. Eventually, Sunny was found by a community service officer and brought to a local animal shelter in poor condition. The cat had zip ties on all four of his legs and a rope around his neck that tightened every time he dared to move. His nails were filed down so much that his paws were blistered and covered in blood.

Sunny is recovering at home with his owner. Meanwhile, the person behind this abuse is still at large. Sign below and demand that this person is identified, prosecuted, and punished for this unimaginable crime.


Dear District Attorney Young,

A beloved pet was abducted from a Henderson street, tortured, and then left to die in a twisted tale of animal abuse. Sunny, a senior cat, disappeared and turned up at an animal shelter a day later in terrible condition. His nails had been filed down to the bone, leaving bloody blisters on all four of his paws. Zip ties restrained his legs and a rope, tied tightly around his neck, restricted his ability to cry out for help. Luckily, the cat was discovered just in time to save his life and he is recovering with his owner, who is both incredibly relieved and concerned that the perpetrator is still at large.

Anyone who could deliberately torture a cat in this way is likely a danger to other animals in the Henderson area. They must be removed from the streets promptly. I demand that you prosecute this person and seek the maximum penalty possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Galen Gallardo


  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Another case of KEEP YOUR CAT(S) INDOORS AT ALL TIMES!!!! Just ask the “Cat Whisperer”, Jackson Galaxy!

  2. Diane Petrillo says:

    Anyone this sick just doesn’t deserve to live on this earth. There’s no place in the world for this derangement. Send him into outer space or do medical testing/research on him instead of animals or just make him disappear. Cats are always going to want to be outdoors, it’s these psychopathic predators that need to stay indoors or just vaporize.

    • so agree!! this thing that did this I hope it is caught soon & suffers an immense amount over and over for months!! for an innocent beautiful animal it deserves it!! the psycho monster!! hope this beautiful precious puss is all okay and healed soon

  3. When you find this son of a bitch, hang him slowly. I read these everyday, unfortunately and a lot of these animal abuses are increasing in the sanctuary cities and states. This is their culture. Animals beware and keep them close. Mine don’t go out in the yard alone.

  4. natasha polychuk says:

    Kill that asshole!

  5. Are the owners of this cat going to keep him indoors now ??????? If not, the cat should be removed and sent to a home where he will be protected and cared for.Leaving a pet outdoors is exactly the same as leaving a toddler outdoors.What is the world coming to?

  6. Kelly Wilcox says:

    That is so TERRIBLE and INHUMANE !!!The idiot who did this to the precious baby needs to be treated the same way on difference would be they would have their mouth taped shut. I am so sick and tire of the sickos in our country and world for doing such disgusting and perverted acts to the precious babies ( Humane and animals ) that it truly makes me sick. I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THIS PRECIOUS BABY THAT HAS NO VOICE SO I AM SPEAKING FOR THE BABY AS A PET LOVER AND CAT LOVER WHO HAS A CAT OF MY OWN. STOP this NOW!!!!

  7. American Girl says:

    Here’s yet another pathetic little 2″ bastard who knows he’ll never be a man, so he gets great pleasure out of torturing anything smaller or defenseless. What an oxygen thief you are. God knows what bred a fucktard like you, but everyone here wishes you would’ve been aborted. Your a smear on societies underwear douchebag! Find this creep and do the same to him, he will be crying like the Lil Bitch that he is…

  8. patricia Christian says:


  9. Renata Kuchinsky says:

    There is more and more cases of sick criminals torturing and killing animals.
    This needs to be taken extremely seriously
    Stricter laws
    Find this monster and
    Punish severely

    Instead of keeping animals indoors – lock monsters who commit these crimes

  10. This evil POS sub human bastard needs removing from society for ever. A derranged menace to all living things, it doesn’t deserve to breath our air. Stronger punishment for these vile scum is the only way to deter them. Law makers, you need to step up and serve proper justice for defenceless, tortured and murdered animals NOW! Sickening.

  11. Cut off his fingers when he is found

  12. Nadine Brundage says:

    Another sick asshole on the loose . Doubt if the nut job will be found as these creatures live under rocks. Hopefully this piece of shit willdie a really painful death very soon.

  13. Yolanda Holtzee says:

    Find this sociopath and prosecute to the max.

    He deserves exactly the same treatment even if it is a minor. What kind of dirtbags breed and reproduce this type of monster?

  14. Jacqui Skill says:


  15. These are the twisted minds that will continue to cause greater and greater suffering if not identified aud prosecuted NOW!!! Should we wait until it’s a child??

  16. These are the twisted minds that will continue to cause greater and greater suffering if not identified aud prosecuted NOW!!! Should we wait until it’s a child??

  17. The government needs to pass laws revoking monsters like this from having human rights. Anyone that gets enjoyment from torturing innocent beings are evil/sick and need to have any and all of their rights revoked. They are monsters plain and simple and do not deserve to live.

  18. Unless these mutants are removed NOW, we’ll be hearing from them on a greater scale in the not distant future involving another animal or a child.

  19. Find the sick freak that did this — choke then hang until gone. It does not deserve to live.

  20. An abuser who should be hanged, its the fairest punishemnt they deserve.

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