Protect the Mojave Poppy Bee from Extinction

Target: Greg Sheehan, Director, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Goal: Protect the Mojave poppy bee and the flowers it pollinates from extinction.

The Mojave poppy bee, an important pollinator in the Mojave Desert, is facing extinction. Sign the petition to add your voice to that of the thousands of conservationists fighting for the bee’s protection.

The Mojave Desert, 48,000 square miles, has only two poppy plants…rare, native, and beautiful. Only one pollinator, the Mojave poppy bee, supports these plants. The loss of the bee can mean the loss of the poppies. Grazing, mining, and recreation are threatening the species.

Conservationists argue that the bee and poppy plants define the “essence” of the desert. The Fish & Wildlife Service has opened up a research period to determine whether the bee requires protection. If so, it will be only the second bee on the federal list of endangered species. Sign the petition to demand that the bee be protected before devastation ravages the desert.


Dear Director Sheehan,

Two rare, beautiful, and native poppy plants call the Mojave Desert home. Only one pollinator, the Mojave poppy bee, can keep these plants alive. But what will happen when the at-risk bee is no more? Three species will die off, a devastating situation for the desert.

The Mojave poppy bee is facing extinction due to recreation, mining, and grazing. I ask that your organization add the pollinator to the list of endangered species to ensure that it continues to bring beauty to the desert.


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Photo Credit: Reinhold Möller



  1. Jennifer Kleinman says:

    I’m all for supporting this but is that a tick on the bee’s back? Ugh!!

  2. Cheri Gaspero says:

    All bees must be saved!!!

  3. Hello,

    I am the founder and owner of Sacred Society Apothecarys. We are an emerging boho company is a charitable cosmetics company that creates products based on the needs of our society.

    We have a candle called Darkest Desert where 15% of every sale is donated to an organization dedicated to Mojave Desert Conservation, and would like to include the Mojave Poppy Bee as a beneficiary from the product.

    Can someone please help me get in tofu with a group that is involved with this? Donations are given on a monthly basis

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