Praise New Focus on Preventing Animal Cruelty

Target: Mike Gillis, Animal Care Services Director of Corpus Christi

Goal: Praise for the new full-time animal cruelty investigators.

One town has made a big step in showing that they take animal cruelty very seriously. Animal Care Services in Corpus Christi, Texas announced that they have hired two full-time investigators whose expertise and sole responsibilities will include prosecuting animal cruelty cases. They will be formally trained in what to look for and how to investigate animal cruelty cases in the city.

This is a big step in showing that Corpus Christi is taking animal cruelty very seriously. More cities need to follow their example and have specialists dedicated to animal cruelty. The only way that animal cruelty will stop in this country is if those who commit terrible acts against animals are investigated, charged, and severely punished for their crimes. Anything else is a miscarriage of justice.

Tell Mike Gillis, the Animal Care Services Director in Corpus Christi, that his department’s dedication to protecting animals is greatly appreciated.


Dear Mr. Gillis,

The announcement that your department will now have two full-time investigators dedicated solely to animal cruelty is great news. Animal cruelty is often under-investigated and under-punished around the world, and your team will have the tools necessary to make sure this is no longer the case in Corpus Christi.

Far too often in this country, animal cruelty cases don’t end up with any real punishment happening to those who abuse animals. If more cities followed in your lead and made animal cruelty a priority, this wouldn’t be the case. Thank you for your organization’s dedication to making sure that those who abuse animals are brought to justice.


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Photo Credit: Nancy Wong



  1. Thank you Corpus Christi, TEXAS. I hope you become the leader for the rest of the world to follow in your foot steps because only God knows we sure need this.

  2. Now I feel like vacationing in Corpus Christi!!!

  3. Jacqui Skill says:


  4. Thank you Mike Gillis, Animal Control Services, of Corpus Christi, Texas for being an animal advocate and a voice for the voiceless?? Prayers for success??

  5. Thank you Corpus Christi for taking the initiative to protect innocent animals!

  6. That is great news. Catch the vile and evil psychopathic depraved pea size brain animal torturing murdering monster and put them to death. Kill them all.

  7. I hope there will be more animal care services in future but if there were decent punishments for offenders ther wouldnt be so much cruelty especially if the worst offenders were given a death sentense.

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