YouTuber Appearing to Hit and Spit on Her Dog Must be Punished

Target: Susan Diane Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube

Goal: Ban Brooke Houts from YouTube for alleged animal abuse.

Popular YouTube user Brook Houts planned to release a video of herself “pranking” her pet dog by putting clear plastic wrap in the doorway and then calling her dog over to her with the intentions of having the dog run into the plastic wrap. If this isn’t disgusting enough, Houts mistakenly uploaded an unedited version of the video where she is allegedly seen getting frustrated with her pet dog. Houts is reportedly yells at and hits the dog. Then, she allegedly pins the dog to the ground and yells directly into the dog’s ear. There is also a sound that suggests she spit on the dog. In a final gruesome scene, Houts allegedly pushes her dog out of the frame. Although Houts and the dog are not in the video, the dog’s whimpers are audible.

Seeing this alleged violent behavior toward an innocent household pet is disturbing and this dog deserves justice. Unfortunately, Houts is still an active member of YouTube and her videos are still available to viewers. Houts’s platform needs to be taken away. Sign this petition to urge YouTube to ban Houts from using their services.


Dear CEO Wojcicki,

The internet was in shock this past week when video of popular YouTuber Brooke Houts was released that shows her reportedly abusing her pet dog. Houts is allegedly seen yelling, hitting, and pushing the dog. In addition, the footage suggests that Houts may have spit in the dogs face and abused the dog off camera, as viewers can clearly hear the dog whimpering.

This type of content should not be uploaded to any internet platform. It is violent and perpetuates this harmful behavior toward animals. I urge you to immediately suspend Houts from using YouTube services.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Brooke Houts



  1. Nuchie smith says:

    Brooke Houts needs to have her Fallopian tubes burned in the OR so she cant have kids and smash them
    Around. Human trash- Brooke!

  2. Can you please investigate and see if her dog is okay then remove it and use this film as evidence of abuse before you ban her from any social media. Despicable human shouldn’t be allowed to have a pet. I hate her. You have her name, now investigate where she lives and remove the poor abused dog!!!

  3. This girl is a CRAZY, pathetic piece of shit. She has no business having an animal and her attempts at media fame are just desperate and laughable. She deserve to beat and destroyed. We have enough psycho idiots on the planet.

  4. This stupid cruel bitch needs to be in jail, what a sick twisted bitch

  5. Debra Riddle says:

    This creature needs to be in a straight jacket & locked in a padded cell. There is something seriously wrong with this twisted monster. These freaks only have animals to take their violent rage & frustration out on. This is a coward of the worst type

  6. This is why dogs “turn” on their owners – remove this poor animal before its life is totally ruined.

  7. transformation6891Janey says:

    Yes she needs to understand it cannot be allowed she is a damaged individual and has no understanding of her responsibility in owning a pet remove that dog it deserves love and rehabilitation

  8. Diane Clementson says:

    She is a cruel vile abuser, kick her off YouTube before she gives other sickos ideas

  9. Ginger Neimo says:

    Very very ugly human being..

  10. SO CRUEL!! SHE MUST BE PUNISHED!!!!! Check on that poor dog and REMOVE him NOW!! She should never be allowed another Animal to care for SHE IS PURE EVIL!!!!!!!

  11. Rena Van Steele says:

    These kinds of things only want attention and this is how she is doing it. Something is lacking in the brain that they need so much attention to fill their empty brains. Totally dysfunctional. Pity animals in her care if you can call it that.

  12. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Susan – Animal cruelty is a worldwide epidemic and it makes me sick. Still, having videos available such as this one on Youtube is upsettting and Youtube should not allow it. Brooke Houts is a sick individual who enjoys torturing defenseless animals and not only should her videos be banned from Youtube, she herself should be banned from using the site. Please do the right thing here and show the world that Youtube WILL NOT TOLERATE animal abuse and murder…

  13. I strongly agree with everyone. Please find out where this monster lives and rescue this dog asap. Then, punish the beast with prison time! I am so sick of these hateful monsters hurting their own fur babies! I love, cherish, and protect my cats — always…

  14. Please ask an association yo Rescue this creature. This Is the most important thing. Yo sabe the dog and other animales from that monster.

  15. Eileen Bevan says:

    Animal services needs to get the dog out of there, she should not have a dog!

  16. Shirley Audette says:

    Yes, get the dog to safety and away from this cruel woman.
    She should not be allowed to own any pet of any kind.

  17. Marian B. Cinq-Mars says:

    This little bitch needs to go to jail and let the inmates deal with her disgusting disregard for other living creatures!!! She is a gross POS, that should never have in her possession another animal, reptile, bird or anything for that matter! Please find this poor abused animal and remove this abused animal from those premises!!!

  18. HORRIBLE!!! Nothing more tban a COWARD!! DEMENTED freak!! Ugly BASTARD!!! The authorities should get a hold of this evidence abd removed the dog from this beast!! Abd banned her from owning one!!!

  19. Sent that cruel monster to jail and never alow her to be near an animal.

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