Save Thousands of Marine Mammals from Deafening Air Guns

Oil Rig Explosion

Target: Rick Scott, Governor of Florida

Goal: Do not use seismic blast testing to locate oil off of Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Governor Rick Scott supports oil companies performing seismic blast testing in Florida’s Atlantic waters, even though experts estimate that several thousand marine mammals would be adversely affected by it. If something is not done to stop this, many animals will soon be dead.

Oil can be located in the ocean by means of seismic blast testing. This testing is performed by shooting an air gun under water numerous times. Guns blast for months nonstop, and they are so loud marine mammals oftentimes strand themselves after going deaf from the noise.

Offshore drilling simply isn’t worth it when one considers that doing so only produces a very small amount of oil. In fact, the amount of oil that can be drilled in a twenty-year time period is less than one percent of what the entire world is capable of producing within the same time frame.

Furthermore, several viable natural energy alternatives could be utilized. For example, cellulosic ethanol made from plant fibers can produce 133 million barrels of oil per year. Using this method also greatly reduces gas emissions that release tons of pollutants into the air. In addition, such a method releases less heat into the atmosphere and therefore reduces global warming.

Sign this petition and let Governor Scott know that our oceans and marine mammals are too important to destroy only for the purpose of possibly finding a miniscule amount of oil. If natural alternatives are not utilized soon, it is highly likely that one day these beautiful waters will be gone forever.


Dear Governor Scott,

After doing extensive research government officials have admitted that using seismic blasting to test for oil off the coast of Florida would harm no less than one hundred thirty eight thousand marine mammals. If this procedure takes place many of those animals will die.

Noise that occurs from seismic blasts are as loud as a jet engine. Even worse, blasts continue for months at a time, making it so several marine mammals become confused, go deaf, and eventually strand themselves.

Drilling for oil offshore produces less than one percent of what the world is capable of producing within the same time period. Searching for oil is not even worth it when one considers that a large explosion may result from trying to extract a small amount.

Despite what some people claim, environmentally friendly alternatives can be utilized. For instance, cellulosic ethanol is produced from plant fibers that greatly reduces pollutants and—in turn—reduces global warming. Consumers would also save approximately 5.6 billion dollars per year if this method was used, which would likely help to greatly boost the economy.

For all of these reasons I urge you to not encourage oil companies to perform seismic blast testing off the coast of Florida, and to suggest safer alternatives be explored. If something is not done today our oceans will likely not be around for our kids to enjoy tomorrow.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Unknown via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Florida used to be such a beautiful and peaceful place! What is going on? The governor supports those infamous blasts does he? Well then, considering we are all of us ‘creatures great and small’ made of a same fabric, and none of us is particularly deaf, let’s test the goings on Governor Rick Scott for a start, in the privacy of his own home, see how he likes it!

  2. For crying out loud (pun INTENDED), all you blasted (pun INTENDED AGAIN) militaries, and governments, and mega-corporations, ALL — STOP DESTROYING OUR ONLY WORLD!!!!! Contrary to what you might WANT to believe, it doesn’t belong to you and ONLY you, so if the public says “stop,” then smarten up and heed the call!!! Without the richness and diversity that comprises the oceans and seas, and every one of their inhabitants, we are all GONERS.DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND SUCH A SIMPLE CONCEPT??? How DARE you keep destroying every bit of this world AS IF you’re the only ones ON it?!!!

  3. Blasting for oil and to who’s expense well the animals of course have any of you MEN anything on your mind but cruelty to animals and GREED, it woild be a better place without half of you on this planet for decent people and especially animals you BASTARDS

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