Help Retired Lab Animals Find Forever Homes

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Target: Governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee

Goal: Require retired research animals to be adopted out rather than euthanized.

Throughout the United States, many governments are choosing to give retired research animals a chance at finding a forever home. This means that once a laboratory research animal is no longer needed it will be put in an animal shelter, or other program, with the intent of placing it in a forever home. Washington does not currently have a law that guarantees a happy life after research for animals, and it is home to one of the few colleges in the country that regularly tests on animals.

In states that do not require research facilities to place their retired animals in homes the animals are normally euthanized. Research animals lead very depressing lives. They are kept in cages all day until they are needed for research, in which case they are forced to undergo acute stress, pain, cancer, broken bones, and many other forms of torture. They are not allowed to go to the park, sleep in a proper bed, or any other freedoms that members of their same species are granted.

Washington has an amazing adoption success rate, as well as many compassionate humans who would be delighted to give retired research animals a proper home. Urge the governor of Washington to consider introducing policies that would allow research animals to find forever homes.


Dear Governor Inslee,

There are numerous states around the nation which give research animals the chance at happiness when they retire. Instead of a death sentence, these animals are brought to an adoption shelter, or similar function, and given to people who will love and care for them as they deserve.

Of course, I, along with the undersigned, do not support animal testing in the name of science. There are numerous ways to acquire more accurate results than poking and prodding an animal, which is anatomically too different from humans to lend much knowledge. However, schools such as the University of Washington and other laboratories insist on using animals for research, despite active protests against these actions. Because discontinuing animal research in these places has proven difficult, I counter with a proposed discussion about the lives these animals shall lead when they retire.

Please insist that retired research animals be placed in loving homes, where they will no longer be tormented. I also propose that legislation be made that will require minimal harm be done to the animals so that the vast majority of them will be fit for adoption.

Thank you for your attention to this incredibly important matter.


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Photo credit: Im ilmater via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Sorry, I can’t buy into this one. While I can appreciate the desire for *something* better that’s behind this, this would be the same type of cooptation that has allowed the so-called ‘humane’ meat movement to KEEP mistreating, then still betraying and slaughtering animals that DON’T BELONG TO US in the first place, hence gaining a larger, not smaller, foothold in recent years. This dupes the undiscerning public into believing it’s doing “good” so it doesn’t HAVE to feel guilt anymore. But it’s just supporting the same old paradigm. We must fight for what we REALLY want to see as an end result, and not dilute the message so badly that it disappears in the murkiness.

    Just think of the logistics. MILLIONS of “lab animals” constantly needing a sanctuary or other appropriate “good home” to go to, while the vast majority of people STILL won’t even adopt the millions being murdered by kill shelters. No, we need animal testing STOPPED, PERIOD, also putting an entire stop to the animals being deliberately and constantly BRED strictly for such labs.

    • Rose-marie Grobbelaar says:

      Your reasoning is entirely sound. Experimenting on animals for whatever reason has to be stopped. Breeding animals for those experiments are cruel, brutal and entirely unnneccessary. Mankind were suppose to be the guardians of life, all life, on earth. But they have become the destroyers and murderers. I am beginning to believe that humans were specially created to destroy earth. We are a life cycle of earth.

      • Brenda Boutin says:

        I wonder why many of us were placed is such an evil arena. It causes us so much pain, when there seems to be little we can do. We support one activity and another evil pops up. We are chasing our tails, yet how could we just stand by and not do anything.

    • Lule Melgarejo says:


    • Linda Jane O'Brien says:

      Beautifully put and I so fully support your train of thought. It’s a long road to get to where we need to but we must stay fully committed and purposeful to attain these objectives. Social media and pressure will have an impact.

    • Johanna Janssen says:


    • Johanna Janssen says:


  2. Jill Scott says:

    Stop experimenting on animals altogether. To use them then murder them really puts the human race in the gutter.

  3. There shouldn’t be any ‘research’ and ‘testing’ on animals for a start. As irrelevant in the field of results as it is gruesome. When men aren’t waging wars and inflicting prisoner-of-war camp horrors upon each other, it is innocent and defenceless creatures they torture. In this case lab animals. When is there going to be a global code of conduct making a felony of ANY kind of brutality, including this one? People reaching the level of ‘research worker’ at university should know better and… have sufficient humanity to retire animals to as normal a life as possible after all they shamelessly put them through. – May those who choose the ‘quick way out’ euthanizing them instead, quite simply rot in hell!

  4. caryl sawyer says:

    Maybe Washington state is so close to Canada they have acquired their callous attitude toward life. Animal testing is good for only one thing: It guarantees funding, aka tax payers’ money.

    You are a sham.

    • Usually I enjoy your comments, Caryl, but come on, that’s unfair…the majority of Cdns are fighting JUST as hard for animals as Americans are. It’s really our evil govt (similarly to yours) that’s going so far downhill, calling the shots, and not LISTENING to or following what the public wants and is totally fed up with. In fact, there’s another new petition online for the CDN govt to ban animal testing outright. The basics are pretty much the SAME in most of N. America, except Americans are often woefully unaware of a LOT of what goes on in Canada. Pls have a heart and don’t bash Canada’s citizens for how our blasted GOVT ignores our demands for reform. Pretty much ALL govts are evil entities.

  5. Elaine Barretet says:

    First of all, animals SHOULDN’T BE TESTED ON anyway!!!! AND, Amen to Caryl Sawyer’s comment – couldn’t have put it any better!! It also allows the sadistic people doing the torturing to be able to hurt something legally!!!

  6. I agree with you DH but until animal testing is banned I’m signing this type of petition.

  7. Michael Guest says:

    Animals should never be tested for lab experiments. It’s cruel and inhumane. Shut them down for good.

  8. Our people in office, our elected officials MUST take a stand on protecting our animals!

  9. Lindy Smith says:

    we all agree it’s heartbreaking what evil is done to animals.
    I believe we were originally put on this planet to take care of all the species of animals. I hope & pray that will be the future for us all

  10. Washington needs a bomb up its ASS as it should be finding good homes for animals that have been tested on , get this stopped and find these lovely animals a loving home with decent people because there is none in the place they are. Brain power these people are without and should have a taste of their own medicine.
    Get is sorted and ASAP.

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