Vet Accused of Running Animal Hospital of Horrors Must be Punished

Target: John C. Smriga, State’s Attorney for Fairfield County, Connecticut

Goal: Punish the veterinarian who reportedly performed unnecessary procedures on animals for money.

Several animals have reportedly been subjected to unnecessary pain and suffering at an animal hospital. Employees and customers have spoken out against Amr Wasfi, claiming that he put dogs through unnecessary surgeries and abuse in order to charge more money. Demand that justice be served in this case.

“I just don’t understand how he’s in this business, man. You’re here to help, you know, the animals. When they’re hurt, you help them … and he’s giving us our animals back hurt,” stated Jose Valentin. His 1 1/2-year-old pit bull stayed at Black Rock Animal Hospital for three weeks following, what he claims, was an unnecessary surgery to repair a broken pelvis. Upon return, the pup was reportedly bleeding and down 22 pounds. Per another veterinarian, the dog never had a broken pelvis. An employee was also fired after she apparently witnessed Wasfi strike a restrained and anesthetized kitten.

Bridgeport police charged Amr Wasfi with animal cruelty and third-degree larceny after months of investigation. He will soon be arraigned. Sign below to demand that he receive the maximum penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear State Attorney Smriga,

Animals have reportedly suffered at the hands of a money-hungry veterinarian. Dogs and cats were apparently subjected to unnecessary surgeries, physical abuse, and neglect at Black Rock Animal Hospital. I demand justice in this case.

Bridgeport police charged Amr Wasfi with animal cruelty and third-degree larceny following a months-long investigation into his practice. Per investigators, Wasfi subjected animals to unnecessary surgeries and extended stays in order to charge more money. A dog was reportedly emaciated and bleeding after invasive pelvic surgery and three weeks of care at the facility. A thorough examination determined that the animal’s pelvis had always been healthy. A former employee also alleged that Wasfi struck a restrained kitten while the animal was under anesthesia.

Pet owners depend on veterinarians to give the very best care to their family members. This doctor’s alleged behavior is unacceptable, and you must prevent any future abuse at his hands. I demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Donna Schrameyer says:

    This man is a DISGRACE to this profession it is a good thing he DIDN’T abuse my babies like this!!

  2. Horrifyingly sick motherfucker…
    How could you??!!!!!

  3. What is wrong with this man . Society is becoming weird and even more cruel towards animals WHY? Is there a sickness in so many people. Why should us good people have to tolerate living next to these evil people. They should be locked up away from society. To all you evil people out there STOP and LOOK at what you’re doing. If you’re messed up or fed up look at better alternatives than taking it out on innocent animals . It’s like me putting you in front of a lion or a bear with no way of protecting yourself , then you are subjected to the most vile and agonising torture and then death . Please also stop sexually assaulting you’re animals as that is a really sick thing to do and you really have no place in any society as you are truly sick

  4. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    Prosecute this good for nothing piece of shit and take away his veterinarian’s license.

  5. zero tolerance those owners and pets are traumatized for life – I know – been there – the guilt will haunt them – we trust “professionals” with our pet’s lives – they are family members and then we get this SHIT – no way – no how – prosecute.

  6. Lock his ass up forever! What a sick demented demon!

  7. Catherine Dugan says:

    Take the bastard’s license away!!

  8. E Romano says:

    Throw away the key-All living beings feel joy; they feel fear and agony. There is another monster that has come to light-Severe jail time now!

  9. His name says it all!!!

    • Berkekey says:

      Amr Wasfi? Name is peculiar – what a monster, perhaps where he comes from they are wicked to animals, but HE NEEDS dealing with, it is unacceptable and he needs to suffer, Street Justice – the sort subhumans don’t recover from should see him off the planet. JUSTICE FOR ALL ANIMALS

  10. This monster needs its license to be revoked and be behind bars for the rest of it’s fucking life…or may be get the maximum penalty, we don’t need shit like this!?

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