Urge Cleaning Product Company to Stay Cruelty-Free


Target: John Replogle, President and CEO of Seventh Generation cleaning product company

Goal: Support legislation that reduces product testing on animals and stand by your “cruelty-free” reputation

“Seventh Generation, Inc.” is a popular cleaning supply company that prides itself on its cruelty-free product line, which supposedly does not involve animal testing. However, recent campaign support suggests that Seventh Generation may not be as cruelty-free as it claims. Despite multiple requests from animal rights activists, Seventh Generation has adamantly refused to promote product testing reforms that would greatly reduce animal experimentation.

Animal welfare group PETA first noticed Seventh Generation’s conflicting behavior after the company began advocating its “Million Baby Crawl” campaign in 2009. The movement called for better chemical regulations in everyday products but also promoted lethal animal testing to ensure such safety. Recently, the company has declined to support legislation that would restrict animal testing to a last resort approach. Bizarrely, Seventh Generation claims such support would not be in line with its cruelty-free position, according to PETA accounts.

It is clear that Seventh Generation seeks to profit from its animal friendly reputation without actually demonstrating humane behavior. This barefaced deception is undeserving of the money and support it has received from countless conservationist consumers. Until Seventh Generation begins acting in accordance with its philosophies, buyers should boycott the company and consider its “cruelty-free” motto false advertising.

Sign the petition below to urge Seventh Generation’s president to stand by its cruelty-free stance. Tell him that mere words are insufficient when it comes to securing the safety of innocent animals.


Dear Mr. Replogle,

Seventh Generation’s failure to support reduced animal testing reforms is dishonest and contradictory. Your company prides itself on its “cruelty-free” product line but refuses to abide by its own philosophy. Rather than voicing your disapproval of increased animal experimentation, you have advocated the exact opposite with your “Million Baby Crawl” campaign in 2009 and again by declining to oppose reforms to the Toxic Substances Control Act.

According to PETA, the Million Baby Crawl campaign called for safer chemical usage in cleaning supplies but also promoted animal testing research. This is in direct opposition to your cruelty-free stance. Recently, animal rights activists have asked you to support changes to the Toxic Substances Control Act that would limit animal testing to a last resort approach. Shockingly, Seventh Generation representatives have declined, stating that such support would be incompatible with the company’s position.

“Cruelty-free” is not some trivial tagline one slaps on products to help them sell. It is a promise that a company’s products do not involve or endorse the suffering of innocent animals. For this reason, I urge you to support reforms to animal testing legislation and truly practice what you preach. Please, consider the welfare of these animals and advocate for their safety.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Linda Bartlett (Photographer) via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Helene Beck Helene Beck says:

    Following the recent PETA action alert, I wrote to Seventh Generation about animal testing, how cruel it is, and that they should NOT test their products on animals, and live up to promises about being cruelty-free. They responded:
    “An Unwavering Commitment to the Greater Good
    You may have recently read that we are harming animals and we want you to know that nothing could be further from the truth. For more than 25 years, Seventh Generation has been committed to animal rights and we’ve been working to build a future free of animal cruelty.
    In that time, we’ve pioneered a new generation of consumer products made from non-toxic materials without conducting a single animal test. Indeed, our bedrock belief that animal testing has no place in a civilized world has earned our products Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certification and the admiration of all who care about animals.
    Currently, under outdated federal law, thousands of untested and unregulated toxic chemicals are wreaking havoc on our environment and the health of the people and animals in it. Many of these chemicals have been shown to harm the health and viability of wildlife populations while simultaneously contributing to a host of growing human health epidemics including breast cancer, childhood cancers, birth defects and learning disabilities. It’s our moral imperative to protect those among us who are most vulnerable to this chemical exposure – including animals and children – and bring their voice to bear in Washington to reform this outdated law.
    We believe that good policy on chemical reform need not be at odds with animal rights’ interests. Seventh Generation does not support unnecessary, repeated or senseless testing of toxic chemicals on animals, and supports all efforts to seek a methodology that would replace animal testing while ensuring that safety testing meets the most rigorous standards to protect human health and the health of the planet. Our support for chemical reform does not represent support for animal testing; it is the manifestation of our steadfast desire to protect all species from the effects of toxic chemicals.”

    • Note their clever wording in that letter… many companies that claim to be ‘Cruelty Free’ do so because they themselves do not conduct the ‘testing’ but rather use OTHER companies to do it for them (a clever and deceitful ‘loop hole’).
      They need to stand by their ‘wishy-washy’ philosophy and take a more active role against animal testing legislation and not just pay it ‘lip service’.

    • Weasel words to manipulate the reality/truth. Bulls******s. Boycott their products.

  2. Back when I had money, I used to go out of my way to purchase whatever I needed from Seventh Generation. But this is just too sick. I will no longer purchase anything from Seventh Generation.

  3. Mirt Bossev says:

    I bought dishwasher detergent, and dish detergent in bundles, but that’s it no more, I will buy Ms. Meyer now

  4. Please find another way to test your product

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