Allow Animals in Pain to Consume Marijuana


Target: Washington State Senator Steve Hobbs

Goal: Legalize doctor-prescribed marijuana for animals in pain.

Animals in pain could be fed medical marijuana under veterinarian recommendation and supervision if a newly proposed bill in Nevada passes. Most people that own pets will do anything to keep them comfortable and happy. However, this is often proven difficult when a pet falls ill and medicine either does not provide relief or comes with too many side effects to be worth administering. Humans in Washington have access to medical marijuana for when they are ill or in pain; it is time for domesticated animals to have access to this same relief.

To receive the marijuana, the animal does not need to be terminally ill, just in a lot of pain. Just like a human, the animal would need to obtain a medical marijuana card and be have prescription. Marijuana is legal in Washington and people in the state are notoriously dedicated to their companion animals. With no side effects and incredible healing properties, marijuana would be perfect for animals in a lot of pain.

Urge Washington State Senator Steve Hobbs to introduce a bill that would allow companion animals to be administered medical marijuana. Sign this petition to help animals in Washington receive the assistance they need when in pain.


Dear Senator Hobbs,

A Nevada State Senator has introduced a bill which would allow companion animals in pain to be administered medical marijuana. Animals may have negative reactions to standard prescription medication, just like humans; medical marijuana would solve this problem. Cannabis does not have side effects like pharmaceutical medication does. Marijuana is a safe and effective way to help an animal become comfortable and calm while in acute pain.

Of course, marijuana is now legal recreationally and medically in Washington. This is one obstacle already hurtled. The next step would be to research the proposal. Will animals benefit from consuming marijuana? How will veterinarians decide appropriate dosage amounts? Will testing on animals be necessary to make this successful? These are relevant questions, and surely not the only ones. It is immensely helpful that Nevada is already pursuing legalizing marijuana for animals.

I strongly urge you to consider introducing a bill that would allow animals to consume medical marijuana. Please contact Senator Tick Segerblom of Nevada for counseling on this decision. He has surely performed ample research on medical marijuana, and how it will benefit animals.

Thank you for your consideration on this important matter.


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Photo credit: Mark via Flickr

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  1. Valerie Nordberg says:

    This is something I have never come across and therefore I haven’t signed it.Marijuana has its “for’s” and “against’s” with humans but I have never heard it used on animals. Do we even know does it lessen on them? Perhapsthis question is best left for vets to answer.

  2. caryl sawyer says:

    This is a no-brainer. Use some common sense here and let animals have the painkillers they need.

  3. “Hemp,” and its incredibly beneficial uses (including the “marijuana” component) had actually been used EXTENSIVELY in our history, UNTIL it was outlawed (in all components) by, as usual, those with vested interests in other, more harmful industries and products. What a terribly stupid route THAT turned out to be!

    As for marijuana’s pain control usage in animals, it can be HUGELY effective and FAR safer than the very few, highly toxic pharmaceutical painkillers normally prescribed (if at all, this sector of vet care has been so underfunded and lacking as it is!). HOWEVER, I DO hope they’re not meaning animals will have to SMOKE it, as that’s not good for their lungs and would be a huge mistake!

    My own fur-child was at certain times given daily drops from capsules of marijuana OIL (dosage determined by the integrative vet) for arthritic and other aches and pains, PLUS for needed appetite stimulation at the time; worked like a charm for both! None of my furchildren could ever tolerate pharmaceuticals well at ALL, so thank goodness for more natural choices such as this one being available! There WAS no “medical card” required & I don’t believe that part ought to be included for veterinary use! I simply bought the oil at a supplement store, under the advise of our vet.

  4. Please help them some owners care for their pets give them what they need to keep the pain away

  5. Shar Scotland Shar Scotland says:

    Big pharma can’t patent marijuana so no $$$£££ to be made. Herbal medicine (and marijuana is a herb!) is under attack from these greedy, soulless companies who destroy the planet by way of pollution of our environment and vivisection of all animal species. They don’t care about healing people, they only are about MONEY! My first choice is ALWAYS herbal medicine and it’s served me well so far. My great-grandmother was a herbalist and midwife, she saved many babies – the off-spring of impoverished women who could NOT afford doctors! In fact, she wouldn’t have a doctor in her house! I’ve inherited her disdain for the medical profession. Drugs and their side effects = more drugs to counter said side-effects = lots of MONEY!

  6. stop the animals who are in pain by letting them have the drug

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