Demand Justice for Starved and Abused Animals

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Target: St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway

Goal: Fully prosecute the two women who allegedly abused animals by leaving them in feces-covered cages without food or water.

Two women, Patricia Gates Scites and Veronica Anne Faulseit, in St. Petersburg, Florida, were arrested recently after authorities were alerted to possible animal neglect occurring in Faulseit’s home. Animal control officers raided the home and found more than 40 animals including 22 dogs, 14 puppies, 15 cats, raccoons, ducks, birds and an opossum who were living in deplorable conditions in their own feces and without adequate food or water.

Animals were allegedly being kept in cages outside the home in a carport where they were barking so incessantly it worried neighbors. Some of the dogs had clear signs of ringworm, others were malnourished. One dog had staples in its head. Litter boxes were filthy and overflowing. The raccoons were overcrowded in a cage covered in urine and feces, and numerous cats were found covered in urine and feces as well. Some of the animals had no water at all, while others had water dishes filled with cloudy water and feces floating in it. Authorities could not find any medical records to show if the animals had been receiving any proper veterinary care.

The two women ran an animal rescue group, All Creatures Great and Small Wildlife Inc., where they had a permit to rehabilitate wildlife. Unfortunately, this is not what was occurring. Faulseit would often take in foster pets from the local animal services, but her account was frozen after authorities discovered she had not returned the pets.

Luckily, these neglected animals are now being treated under veterinary care and kept at animal services. However, these women allegedly performed sickening acts of animal cruelty and neglect and need to face the consequences for their actions if so. Demand these women receive the maximum punishment for their heinous animal neglect.


Dear Chief Holloway,

Patricia Gates Scites and Veronica Anne Faulseit were arrested recently after animal control officers raided Faulseit’s home and allegedly found more than 40 animals including 22 dogs, 14 puppies, 15 cats, raccoons, ducks, birds and an opossum who were living in deplorable conditions in their own feces and without adequate food or water. Many of the animals were diseased and malnourished, living in overcrowded conditions where they were covered in their own urine and feces.

These women contributed in running an animal rescue group and even had a permit to help rehabilitate wildlife, but instead they apparently committed sickening acts of animal cruelty and neglect. This kind of behavior under the guise of helping animals must be punished. I urge you to punish these women with the maximum penalty under law if they are convicted for their crimes.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Doesn’t anyone every check on animal rescues and after issuance of a permit for wildlife rehab?! How long did it take neighbors to complain?! How long did it take authorities to respond?!
    This horrific situation had to be occurring for a long time, and yet they managed to get away with atrocious neglect and cruelty. Some of this barbaric treatment was happening in the open where others could clearly see it.
    I am shocked at both the sadistic actions of these twisted socipathic women but, also, at the length of time it was able to continue with no response by outsiders!
    These monsters should be charged with every animal cruelty law and given the harshest penalties possible! 40 poor animals endured immense suffering, and no one came to their rescue, until the barking dogs became too disturbing! What is wrong with everyone involved?! Anyone running a animal rescue and wildlife rehab organization MUST be monitored. Not doing so, is unconscionable irresponsibility and neglect by authorities! They all, most likely, could have, eventually, died!

  2. kay allan says:

    this vile evil woman should be treated the same way as she treated these poor helpless animals, just starve her to death, i do not have a problem with this sort of action. it is all these so called low life understand, sickening

  3. Ann Gieger says:

    An animal rescue is expected to rehabilatate animals from abuse; not keep them in it. Once a business licence is issued for rescues, surprise visits should be a MUST. If they had visited this place, the horrific abuse would have been noticed before more animals suffered. FRY THE WOMAN!!

  4. these 2 pathetic bitches ought to be killed off

  5. Doesnt sound like these ladies were rehailitating at all! Maybe just keeping all of the donations…please arrest them, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. These poor aninamls suffered, living in filthy condions and no medical treatment! Shame on both of them!

  6. PLEASE PUNISH THEM !!!! Lock them up and trow away the key no food no water

  7. Punish them severely … very severely … clearly, MONEY was the ONLY motive in their plan …. how do these cruel, hateful, merciless sociopaths keep sprouting all over? ….. let’s throw them in jail for a substantial amount of time & let there be punitive damages in a very high amount! I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANY REPEATS — THEY MAKE ME SICK!

  8. These 4o animals that these 2 women caused terrible cruelty to i hope you will get them sorted in the manner that they deserve the worse the better.

  9. these women deserve to be hung drawn and quartered and then some
    give them what they deserve

  10. Alice Cheang says:

    So glad that these innocent animals have been rescued and cared for. Hopefully they’ll be adopted to good loving families soon. As for the 2 wicked women, it’s payback time!

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