Cancel Cruel Donkey Rodeo


Target: Arena Ministry Team Leader of Cowboy Church of Colbert Country, Bruce Nicholson

Goal: Cancel donkey rodeo, which promotes the mental and physical abuse of donkeys.

A fundraising event in the Cowboy Church of Colbert County, Alabama will be hosting a donkey rodeo, a cruel sport that involves two participants on horseback who run the target donkey down and throw ropes around its neck and rear legs. Once the animal is roped, it is stretched between the two participants’ horses, often leading to broken bones and death. Demand that the Cowboy Church of Colbert County cancel this abusive, heartless event.

Because donkeys are typically purchased for a cheaper price than cattle, they are used for this sickening sport more than calves, which are brought in only once or twice in order not to “damage” them. In comparison, donkeys are used over and over again, multiplying the physical and psychological done to them.

Donkeys’ anatomy is not like the cattle used in roping events. Since they have a long cervical spine, their necks easily break when being stretched between two horses that weigh up to six times heavier. In addition to death and broken bones in donkey roping, the rupture of tracheas are also one of the many consequences, which prevent the donkey from being able to eat properly due to the injury’s swelling. And since their hides are not as thick as cattle’s, roping cases burns, blisters, and abrasions. Physical issues are not the only concern, however. Donkeys that do survive long, continuous exposure to roping events suffer psychological damage as well. They shut down mentally and develop trust issues toward both their own kind and humans. Most will isolate themselves from other donkeys, unable to socialize.

Do not let more donkeys be subjected to these vile events that promote animal cruelty. Sign this petition to demand the St. Jude Trail Benefit cancel the donkey roping event.


Dear Bruce Nicholson,

The donkey rodeo that you are organizing and hosting at the St. Jude Trail Ride Benefit is inhumane and cruel to the animals. I am urging you to cancel the roping event at this benefit as well as similar events in the future. You need to realize that this “sport” is a sickening form of entertainment for humans.

The donkeys involved in roping events are tortured psychologically to the point where they are unable to socialize normally with their own kind. They are also tortured physically and many die as a result of the injuries caused during these heartless events. Breaking multiple bones, having crushed windpipes, and getting their hide burned are all common consequences of roping.

Please cancel the donkey rodeo for the animals’ sake. They do not deserve to endure torture for human entertainment.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Maenghang via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. l homme un jour regardera ses frères et soeurs d autres espèces avec égalité et non supériorité.

  2. Christine Blackwell says:

    A church promoting animal abuse, I know it is for a good cause and everything. What you do not realize is by roping donkeys over and over again year after year will bring such harm to them, breaking their necks, damaging vertebra’s. Donkey shut down they become withdrawn. We do not do this to a living soul. I urge you to shut this down, show some compassion.

  3. Nicolette Simmons says:

    I thought we had evolved PAST colisium type of entertainment. So sad that we are STILL so barberic that torture, blood, broken bones & bodies & death are STILL something we pay money to see & are still entertained by. Sad,uncivilized.

  4. Jean-Louis Rubens says:


  5. Shar Scotland Shar Scotland says:

    So-called “God’s People” – the most prolific animal abusers on the planet! They don’t seem to consider what their imaginary sky daddy would have to say about their heartless cruelty towards, and exploitation of, “His” (and it is always a HE) creatures. I have no time for these damn hypocrites! If there is a hell, then that’s where they’re all heading!

  6. Catherine Alquier says:

    For “fun” people are doing awfull thinks without feelings. Stop this abuse.

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