Man Accused of Filming Himself in Dog Costume Sexually Assaulting Husky Must be Punished

Target: Bernie McCabe, Chief Prosecutor for Pinellas County, Florida

Goal: Prosecute alleged case of animal rape to the fullest extent.

A Florida man faces charges for a sickening alleged act of bestiality and animal cruelty: sexually assaulting his pet Siberian husky while dressed in a dog costume. After allegedly victimizing his dog and filming the horrifying incident, 21-year-old Christian Stewart then reportedly shared the video online. A shocked viewer alerted authorities, leading to Stewart’s arrest on several counts of aggravated animal cruelty and possession of obscene materials.

In the disturbing video, Stewart (clad in the dog costume) can allegedly be seen physically raping his dog Ember and further torturing the poor animal with sex toys. At one point in the video, the terrified animal seemingly attempts to escape only to be struck hard with one of Stewart’s ‘toys.’ The abuse and terror Ember allegedly endured is unconscionable; thankfully the Siberian husky and another pet dog at Stewart’s residence are now safe.

Ember deserves justice. Sign this petition to help ensure this vulnerable pet receives it.


Dear Mr. McCabe,

The bestiality charges brought against Oldsmar resident Christian Stewart are so disturbing and shocking that they have brought national attention to a grave but often overlooked form of animal cruelty. The sensationalistic nature of this alleged crime, however, should not detract from the alleged victim: a pet dog whose trust in a caretaker was violated in the worst way. Ember, like all victims of unchecked violence, deserves justice.

Mr. Stewart has reportedly confessed to the accusations made against him, which are further supported by video evidence. He will likely claim a psychological disorder for a defense. But the fact that Mr. Stewart was seemingly fully aware of his disturbances (as evidenced by his alleged active participation in zoophilia chat rooms) and chose to keep at-risk animals anyway indicates malice and intent. Stewart was apparently so proud of his heinous actions that he posted them for the world to see. But whether this man was driven by illness or whether he viewed his alleged crimes as a sick joke, he must be held accountable.

Please fully pursue the maximum penalty in this case and validate that cruelty against another living being will never be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Hans


  1. This guy is just a low life POS and he needs to be put away for a long time. Actually the world would be a better place if he was dead!!

  2. Horrific! Pure evil! Needs to be prosecuted to full extent of law! Thankfully, this precious animal is safe.

  3. I can’t believe how many Petitions I am signing about sick and sadistic animal abusers. They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law without having to beg the police and courts to take these crimes seriously. We need better animal welfare laws and the authorities need to actually enforce them!

    • Darlene Roepke says:

      I know…this is unbelievable! Everyday I sign petitions for all these sick bastards who abuse animals in so many sick and twisted ways, and my heart breaks…why and how can someone hurt an innocent animal like this? Lock these monsters up!! They should never see the light of day ever again! Our justice system sucks, animal abuse needs to stop…WE NEED TO PROSECUTE THESE A-HOLES, and step up to the plate to protect our awesome companions (best friends) Just to think about the pain they went through, and how terrified they were, it makes me cry, to think people can do such horrible things. PLEASE STOP THE ABUSE, THEY DON’T DESERVE IT!!

  4. We MUST Step-Up and Protect these Innocent Animals. Any human being who would do this to their family member needs to be Punished. The Innocent Animals removed from the individual causing the torture and abuse.We Cannot turn our backs on those that have No Voice in these matters. Any Innocent Animal being abused & tortured in any manner deserves to BE PROTECTED by us Humans who know better. Please do the Right Thing and Punish this individual for their Deadly Abuses & Torture to these Animals. Thank you.

  5. What is wrong with these idiots! Thats so horrible to do something so awful poor dog I wished she would’ve bit that little penis off. He needs to be taken off street and rot in jail or become someones bitch in prison . Your a horrible rotten human ASSHOLE.


    I agree 1,000% with Sandra Weber! Her comment “Actually the world would be a better place if he was dead”!!
    The simple truth is who wants subhuman, sick pervert walking freely in our neighborhoods amongst our children!!!
    Must be separated from society for a long time!!!

  7. Just sick. Cowardly.

  8. Get this perverted psychopath off the street, away from the rest of the human race and away from all animals. He should not be allowed to run free for any reason. What the hell has happened to the human race and what is wrong with the other human beings who live around this demonic character? Why is this happening so frequently? Do something about it. Make sure this poor dog is placed with decent people who will love him and take care of him. I don’t care what you do with the pervert, except to keep him away from every other living creature.

  9. alison thurston says:

    I have a flamethrower if anyone needs it.

  10. well it is still legal in some american states apparently unbelievable.about time Trump blew his trumpet and made it illegal

  11. He deserves to have his dick cut off so he can’t ever do it again to another poor animal-I fear he will! He should be banned for LIFE from keeping any more pets. But the shameful excuse for a human being could do it to someone elses beloved pet

  12. This ugly Dirty pos must be removed from this poor Earth because he will do it again with another’s Animals he is Sick, thank you the poor Dog away of him now

  13. Animal welfare protection laws need to have the sharpest of teeth, as well as be enforced. Lowlife perverts like this disgusting BASTARD should receive the most maximum sentence the law will allow. Should be mandatory that he pay all veterinarian costs for both dogs. This animal rapist should receive a no brainer lifetime BAN prohibiting him from ever owning, or working with or around, or even so much as being on the same premises as another animal ever again, including birds, & reptiles. ie, putting any other living creatures life at risk of some form of torture. All info on the deranged MONSTER needs to be plastered in an animal abusers registry. Hope the cops are onto the other SICKOS that were/are involved in those animal abusing chat rooms, due to this case. So relieved that both dogs have been seized from the HELL-HOLE known as their previous home. I hope the rapist never harmed the other dog. HOPE the dogs will be adopted together in a kind & nurturing SAFE home, & that the Husky dog will make a full psychological & physical recovery. To sum it up…ZERO TOLERANCE for this animal abuser. And meaningful JUSTICE for the Husky dog!!!

  14. Forgot to mention…any male involved in the CRIME of bestiality deserves to be castrated!!! I seriously wish these FREAKISH DANGERS to all of society could be locked up & the keys thrown away!!! I don’t believe for one second that any of them can be rehabilitated. Also believe the first chance they get…they will rescind. They can never be trusted, & should NOT be allowed to ever fall through the cracks of society. Subhuman females involved in these same HEINOUS crimes are well deserving of the same form of punishments. The judicial system needs to keep in mind that BESTIALITY is RAPE & RAPE is a VIOLENT CRIME that’s well deserving of the strongest of PUNISHMENT.

  15. Patricia Wicker says:

    Sick Disgusting MONSTER!!!! CUT HIS D>>>> OFF!!!!!~~!

  16. In reading that Ember and another dog at Stewart’s residence are “safe” I can only assume and hope that law enforcement seized them and that they are in the care of a responsible shelter or foster or adoptive families. This case is extremely disturbing. Stewart is a grave threat to the community. He must never have access to pets again. He also likely represents a serious threat to children and other vulnerable people. As such, he must be put on a sexual predator registry and locked up and closely monitored. This ia a dangerous, deviant individual.

  17. Celeste Nieves says:

    This POS needs to be punished to the extent of the law; this is why I ALWAYS advocate for stronger animal abuse laws; POS’s like these need to fear retribution for doing something as heinous as this. This man should never be allowed to own an animal again – this man is a dangerous degenerate who preys on the defenseless. Next time it will be a child.

  18. Gang rape the subhuman and may he burn in Hell.

  19. Castrate the bastard!

  20. This sick bastards needs to be burned, beat and raped to death by a hot poker. He doesn’t deserve to exist

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