Man Accused of Filming Himself in Dog Costume Sexually Assaulting Husky Must be Punished

Target: Bernie McCabe, Chief Prosecutor for Pinellas County, Florida

Goal: Prosecute alleged case of animal rape to the fullest extent.

A Florida man faces charges for a sickening alleged act of bestiality and animal cruelty: sexually assaulting his pet Siberian husky while dressed in a dog costume. After allegedly victimizing his dog and filming the horrifying incident, 21-year-old Christian Stewart then reportedly shared the video online. A shocked viewer alerted authorities, leading to Stewart’s arrest on several counts of aggravated animal cruelty and possession of obscene materials.

In the disturbing video, Stewart (clad in the dog costume) can allegedly be seen physically raping his dog Ember and further torturing the poor animal with sex toys. At one point in the video, the terrified animal seemingly attempts to escape only to be struck hard with one of Stewart’s ‘toys.’ The abuse and terror Ember allegedly endured is unconscionable; thankfully the Siberian husky and another pet dog at Stewart’s residence are now safe.

Ember deserves justice. Sign this petition to help ensure this vulnerable pet receives it.


Dear Mr. McCabe,

The bestiality charges brought against Oldsmar resident Christian Stewart are so disturbing and shocking that they have brought national attention to a grave but often overlooked form of animal cruelty. The sensationalistic nature of this alleged crime, however, should not detract from the alleged victim: a pet dog whose trust in a caretaker was violated in the worst way. Ember, like all victims of unchecked violence, deserves justice.

Mr. Stewart has reportedly confessed to the accusations made against him, which are further supported by video evidence. He will likely claim a psychological disorder for a defense. But the fact that Mr. Stewart was seemingly fully aware of his disturbances (as evidenced by his alleged active participation in zoophilia chat rooms) and chose to keep at-risk animals anyway indicates malice and intent. Stewart was apparently so proud of his heinous actions that he posted them for the world to see. But whether this man was driven by illness or whether he viewed his alleged crimes as a sick joke, he must be held accountable.

Please fully pursue the maximum penalty in this case and validate that cruelty against another living being will never be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Hans


  1. Denise Devereux says:

    God I do hope these poor dogs have been permanently removed from this monster.
    We all know the Law will do little to punish or deter such sick heads from doing this and other crimes so until such time as animal abuse, torture and murder is taken seriously then people of the world step up.
    STREET JUSTICE PREVAIL Find this piece of shit and show him what pain is like. An Eye for an Eye. Nothing else will do.
    Do nothing and next as world research states he will be raping a child, maybe yours. Just like animals children cannot fight back.

  2. I dare this filthy faggot to make direct face to face contact with me as I have a surprise to enact on this FW.OH YESSSSSS!!!!!

  3. Roberta Norris says:

    These sickos should be shipped out to sea to fight it out like savages on an old fort or trawler and catapult gulls for lunch. I couldn’t care less. They do not deserve to be treated with any respect. And a lifetime ban on even being near any animals.Stop the do gooder softly softly approach. They caused all this stuff.

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