End High-Kill Animal Shelters


Target: Virginia Governor, Terry McAullife

Goal: Praise Governor McAullife for saving homeless animals from being euthanized.

High-kill animal shelters may be put out of business thanks to the recent passing of a bill in the Virginia Senate. Governor Terry McAuliffe signed the bill that makes animal shelters “a facility operated for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes for animals,” and thus more likely to save the lives of homeless animals rather than euthanize them.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) operates a high-kill shelter in Norfolk, Virginia, where this law could have a dramatic effect. Records filed in the state of Virginia show that PETA took in 1,025 dogs, of which 788 were euthanized. They also received 1,606 cats, of which 1,536 were euthanized. These high numbers are unacceptable and PETA lobbied against this bill because they knew that they do not operate “for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes for animals.” Virginia state Senator Bill Stanley (R-Moneta), who sponsored the bill, made it clear to those voting on the future law that PETA’s high-kill rate was exactly why this language needed to be added.

While PETA has routinely defended these numbers and said that they take animals on a last-resort basis, there are other animal shelters who do the same and have a 90-98 percent rate of success saving these animals, and operate on much less money than PETA. Other shelters operating under the guise of helping animals will also be affected by the bill, and the legislation will hopefully dramatically lower the number of animals being euthanized.

The language of this bill is crucial for saving the lives of innocent animals. Please sign the petition below to thank the governor of Virginia for standing up for animal rights.


Dear Governor Terry McAullife,

I would like to thank you for your recent signing of Senate bill 1381, which makes it absolutely clear that private animal shelters are facilities that are run only for the purpose of finding permanent homes for homeless animals. This will lower the euthanasia rates significantly in the state of Virginia.

High-kill animal shelters such as the one run by PETA in Norfolk, Virginia, are euthanizing animals at an enormously high rate. Other private animal shelters can also kill off old animals that are perfectly deserving and capable of finding good homes. The language of this bill will help stop these animal shelters from killing animals that are able to be saved.

Thank you for setting a good example for other states and not letting high-kill shelters euthanize their pets without trying to find permanent adoptive homes for these animals. Please continue to be a strong advocate for animal rights.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jocelyn Augustino via Wikimedia.org

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  1. It’s about TIME people started realizing how kill shelters:
    a) aren’t “shelters” at ALL if the animals end up DEAD!
    b) have co-opted the entire animal “welfare” movement by acting as “open door policy” street “cleansers” that not only allow, but insidiously PROMOTE neglect and abandonment of animals, because they’ll just KILL them for uncaring, irresponsible people, who THEN need not suffer ANY of what would be APPROPRIATE guilt.

    It’s high time ALL kill shelters, and not just “high” kill shelters, were relegated to museums, where they belong.

  2. Just preaching to the choir. I really thought this would end. As a young girl I fought for No Kill. Shelter. My county built the shelter, but turned it into a kill shelter and it broke my heart so bad I didn’t fight again til I am 63 years old and we now have Facebook.

    • Kathy — you must NEVER give up — NEVER give in — I know — it’s easy for me to say — it’s hard, it’s difficult, but if you stop … all that investment … all that work for those without a voice who need you …. I know … it’s not easy … it’s good to have a network, a large network of like-minded supporters (just like you) — it lightens the load, the responsibility — we all truly benefit by such support …

  3. Bina pannell says:

    At last!!! Someone who uses their power to do some good in this world.

  4. Stan Benton says:

    Unwanted animals are a huge problem in much of the world. But murdering them doesn’t help them a whole lot. If we can’t provide enough no-kill shelters, or find enough homes for them, it would seem better to at least do spay/neuter, and turn them loose as strays again. I have also seen instances of no-kill shelters which are terrible, as they really take in more animals than they can handle, so that many spend their lives in tiny cages, maybe even hungry. No, I offer no solution, except to encourage folks to adopt.

    • “Unwanted” isn’t an accurate description — animals need and should be adopted out into caring & loving situations — whether they’re waiting to be adopted out, whether already adopted, they’re still “wanted” — it depends on WHERE they are — animals should NEVER be in a situation where they’re unwanted (not wanted) — we should pull them out of these situations.

  5. Shelters not for killing,just to save animals,they get them to kill them.

  6. Karen Remnant says:

    These places are NOT shelters! A shelter is a place of safety! No animal that finds itself in one of these killing units is safe! All shelters must be NO KILL!

  7. jeannie a pimentel says:

    Shelters should not be abusing or killing dogs and cats r any animal. They shoulnt be in small cages. People adopting these animals might not know how to deal w an abused nimal, this is why new homes dont last long, people who abuse animals also abuse people even relationships.


  9. I am so very glad my animal charaties are never under any bad cloud as Peta seems to be under.Its not the first or second time Peta has been under attack for what they do or dont do or what they say. They are on very very thin ice and can and will be a laughing stock if they do not bloody get their act together.In the long run the animals will suffer the most.

  10. Excellent work, Gov. McAuliffe — you’re an intelligent, rational, compassionate and moral human being —

    you’ll surely get my vote —

    thank you for recognizing that animals — all animals — need a voice supporting life, happiness & comfort.

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