Stop the Cruel and Senseless Killing of Wild Boars

Target: Andrzej Duda, President of Poland

Goal: Stop cruel wild boar culling.

The Polish government has allowed hunters to cull nearly the entire population of wild boars in the country. Animal rights activists have referred to the cull as “pointless, counterproductive, and evil.” The murder of wild boars is the government’s plan to tackle an African swine fever epidemic. If goals are met, around 200,000 wild boars will be killed in the process. The government has encouraged hunters to target wild boars, including pregnant females.

An appeal by environmental organizations to abandon the cull said, “The massacre of wild boars in large-scale hunts will not stop African swine fever, it will only help the spread of the virus to western Poland. Mikolaj Golachowski, a biologist and conservationist, confirmed this theory, saying the cull would likely drive wild boars out of their current habitats, resulting in a spread of the virus. This negative side effect would be in addition to the damage on the country’s ecosystem that culling wild boars in such high numbers would do. Wild boars feeding and foraging helps to aerate the soil naturally and germinate seeds. Their diet, which includes inset larvae and rodents, also helps to limit the pest population. Sign this petition to urge Poland to stop the culling of wild boars.


Dear President Duda,

The culling of wild boars as a response to African swine fever is shortsighted and cruel. Wild boars are part of the Polish ecosystem: they naturally aerate the soil while foraging and also limit the pest population by feeding on insect larvae and rodents. By setting the goal of eradicating this species from Poland, there could be lasting, damaging effects to all wildlife. In addition, the hunting of wild boars will likely result in boar populations moving into new habitats. This could actually cause a spread of African swine fever into areas that are not currently affected. I urge you to put an end to the cruel and thoughtless killing of wild boars in Poland.


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Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett



  1. They are not carrying diseases and will probably leave you alone if you don’t attack them. This is cruel and wrong to destroy a species.

  2. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Eradicating a species is such an irresponsible thing any country can do. It serves no purpose except to harm the balance of the ecosystem. What will you do then when your forests suffer, and insect populations rise, and rodents multiply? Maybe send a nuclear missile in to decimate it all. It’s just as ridiculous as your cull! Shame on you Poland!

  3. Jaime Perez says:

    This is so cruel and unnecessary. These boars are part of the ecosystem and by getting rid of them they will mess it up. Man is so inhumane to the innocent.

  4. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    search and destroy this goddamn vile cunt (all animal abuser and killers)

  5. Muriel Servaege says:

    For those who want to get rid of wild life, anyreason is a “good” reason. Disgusting.

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