Shut Down Marineland to Save Animals From Reported Starvation

Target: John Holer, founder and owner of Marineland, Niagara Falls, Canada

Goal: Shut down Marineland due to alleged deplorable conditions and send all animals to sanctuaries.

Marine mammals are reportedly left to rot and starve in unsanitary conditions at Marineland, Canada. In late January, Marineland announced the death of Zeus – a walrus known from a viral 2016 video showing his apparent emaciated state. Zeus is reportedly the latest victim of neglect at Marineland, who claims Zeus died of natural causes. Shut this house of horrors down before another animal meets Zeus’ fate.

Marineland opened its doors almost six decades ago. Since, it has become a top tourist attraction in Niagara Falls, Canada. Little do these tourists know, but Marineland has a sordid past and highly controversial history. Marineland’s orcas, beluga and dolphins were all wild caught. Since the park opened, 17 orca whales, 25 beluga whales, and an estimated 22 dolphins have died at the facility. Many of the park records list these and other animals as “missing/presumed dead”.

Former trainers from Marineland have reported that unsanitary water is the most serious threat these marine animals face. In one interview from 2012, a dolphin trainer described the “barn” where the dolphins were housed in the off-season. The trainer spoke of the green water, how the dolphins’ skin fell off in chunks from the chemicals, the erratic behavior and the refusal to eat that lasted until right before the show season started, when Marineland would finally give the dolphins clean water.

Even SeaWorld, which has its own alleged history of animal abuses, sued Marineland to get one of its own orcas back. SeaWorld cited the orca’s declining health and lack of care at Marineland as the reason it needed to be returned to them. In 2013, The Ontario Ministry of the Environment ordered Marineland to stop burying animals in mass graves on the parks premise. Marineland’s mass graves contained up to 1000 animals per grave and were an improper disposal of deceased animals. It would seem that many of their “missing/presumed dead” animals were tossed into these graves like garbage, without proper reporting. In 2017, Ontario SPCA filed 11 animal cruelty charges against Marineland.

And now Zeus has died. Zeus’ main health issue was chronic regurgitation, a sign of captive stress, which reportedly left him so undernourished that his hip bones and spine stuck out. Zeus’ death is the last straw. How many more animals have to die before something is done?

Sign this petition to demand that Marineland be shut down at once and all the animals be transferred to animal sanctuaries.


Mr. Holer,

Your park, Marineland, has a long history of animal abuse and neglect. Your track record of animal deaths, allegedly caused by malnourishment, unsanitary conditions, and mistreatment, is staggering.

Zeus, whose video went viral in 2016 reportedly showing his undernourished state, has now died at your hands. How many more animals have to die before you shut the park down? How many more lawsuits must be brought and charges must be levied before you place the well-being of these creatures over your profit?

Shut down Marineland and let these poor creatures live out their lives in accredited animal sanctuaries.


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Photo Credit: Philip Demers



  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  2. I am deeply ashamed of my country for its refusal to pass laws to protect animals.
    Canada’s laws on offenses against animals have not been substantively changed since 1892.
    Over a year ago, Robert Sopuck refused to support Bill C-246, the Animal Welfare Bill. He stated that animal welfare is “as good as it gets”.
    Well. It is not.
    What kind of person would prevent this bill?

  3. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — Animals do NOT belong in Marine Parks for our entertainment, which are, in truth, pure MISERY and SUFFERING for them — transfer these animals IMMEDIATELY to a Sanctuary where they can live normal, happy, healthy lives.

  4. This one reason my daughters will not go like places like this for the reason those animals to be there especially the water if it has chemicals it in the skin eyes mouth Stomache no they need to be free 100 yrs those animals were free no one had them in lock up nope they need to be free animals. There are god animals not. Make money and make them work nope free them

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