Ban Online Promotion of Animal Cruelty

Owner Abusing Dog

Target: U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner

Goal: Outlaw posting pictures and videos on the Internet of innocent animals being tortured.

Because it is legal for people who abuse animals to post their hateful actions online, many sick individuals have posted such disgusting pictures and videos on social media sites, and elsewhere. If this abuse continues to be condoned, more animals will likely suffer at the hands of mindless imbeciles.

In 2010 the Supreme Court decided it was perfectly legal and acceptable for people to promote animal cruelty under America’s constitutional free speech laws. Specifically, they said it was OK to post videos of animal cruelty online. Because this is not against the law, many subhuman and sadistic individuals have posted very inappropriate pictures and videos of themselves or others abusing animals on Facebook. One such recent video shows an animal clearly suffering as it is being burned alive. There were also pictures of individuals pretending to hit an animal with one hand as a terrified animal was being held by the perpetrator in the other hand.

It is illegal to run into a theater and yell the word, “fire.” Ironically, it is not illegal to post a video of some heartless monster setting a live animal on fire, or of a very disturbing image of someone wearing a mask and aiming their fist at a poor distressed kitten. Sign this petition and tell the Speaker of the House John Boehner that this is in no way what our forefathers meant when they proposed or wrote the First Amendment. If you can’t yell “fire” in a theater, you absolutely should not be allowed to promote setting innocent creatures on fire in the backyard.


Dear Mr. Boehner,

Since it is legal to promote animal cruelty online, several unstable individuals have shared this type of disgusting filth on social media pages and on other websites. If people continue to post footage of animal abuse, even more sick-minded individuals are likely to get the idea that it is “cool” to hurt innocent animals.

When the Supreme Court threw out a law that would make it illegal to post videos of inhumane acts of animal cruelty online, the country took a huge step backwards. Promoting videos of live animals suffering in fires and showcasing pictures of terrified kittens that are about to be punched is not free speech. It is disgusting filth that should not be legal to post in a country that touts about its sophisticated ways and its supposedly outstanding progress.

There are federal laws set in place to protect animals, including the Animal Welfare Act of 1966. Specifically, the Animal Welfare Act states in section 2131 of chapter 54 that, “The Congress finds…that regulation of animals and activities as provided in this chapter is necessary to prevent and eliminate burdens upon such commerce and to effectively regulate such commerce in order—(1) to ensure that animals intended…for exhibition purposes or for use as pets are provided humane care and treatment.” People abusing their pets online is not providing them with “humane care and treatment,” as required by the Animal Welfare Act. Furthermore, if these posts are considered to be online “exhibitions,” this should also make these posts illegal. Conclusively, promoting heartless Internet images and videos of people illegally abusing their animals should not be considered to be legal, either.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to stand behind this issue and to outlaw animal abusers from being allowed to post images and videos of people hideously hurting animals online. Free speech is something that should never be legal to abuse. Posting images and sharing videos that promote harming innocent and helpless creatures unequivocally falls under that category, and should therefore be outlawed immediately.


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Photo Credit: Moumen sf via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Lawmakers are supposed to keep the peace and implement decent ruling. Abuse is ever so ‘manly’ and ‘cool’ is it? Right: humans being animals too, may I suggest you reverse the process and allow humans to suffer some of the horror they have other animals endure? Social media now contribute to turning this poor and beautiful planet into a hell : kindly help reversing the process… implementing the few decent existing laws, online included!

  2. But looks like, once again, WE THE PEOPLE have to right the wrongs by our own uprisings. Where are the petitions against Facebook, Craigslist, and other networking sites that clearly aren’t BANNING these evils of their own accord???

    THEIR founders are equally to blame, putting money ahead of ethics.

  3. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Posting this material isn’t “free speech,” it’s pathology. America and its representatives must not condone this.

  4. I doesn’t surprise me that SCOTUS would rule in a manner so out of touch with the populace. Most of the Justices just can help being something other than human and so they do not concern themselves with the feelings of “We the People”. We need to send SCOTUS and most of our Legislature home for good and get some new ones!

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    Disgraceful and beyond belief.People who post animal abuse should NEVER get away with it. They should be traced and SEVERELY punished for the detestable and evil bastards they are…

    • I agree! Aren’t the videos used as evidence in arresting these evil POS? I can never bring myself to watch them but if they are stupid enough to post it I say let them hang themselves by posting the evidence so a arrest can be made and the animals can be taken away if still alive. As much as I hate the videos sometimes they are what help save the animals in them because otherwise we would never know.

  6. What is wrong with the supreme Court? Additionally I assume that setting an animal on fire in real life is a crime. If so then surely videotaping or recording the event should simply be capturing the crime taking place. It should be evidence of a real world criminal event.

  7. This is absolutely sickening. Allowing such a vile and evil sadistic Law committed against defenseless and innocent animals to continue. The unimaginable atrocities committed against defenseless and helpless animals must be stopped and banned.
    The sick sadistic subhuman monsters must be brought to Justice and suffer the severest of consequences for deliberate torture of helpless and innocent animals and Jail the lowlife F—s and let the inmates deal with this filth. Then they will know what suffering in agony is all about. Heartless, soulless and sadistic lowlife scum of this Earth. Pure evil and evil at its worst.

  8. Why does it seem it is more and more acceptable to abuse animals?Specifically in horrific manners.This world is not the world children should brought into.Kids are raised to believe in beautiful fairytales then that world is ripped from their grasp.

  9. We should NEVER support cruelty to animals — we should NEVER devalue animals — we should NEVER give in to the psychopaths and sociopaths … giving them a forum, giving them space … these mentally unstables belong in rubber rooms, NOT on FB or any other online OR offline forum.

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