Woman Accused of Hiding 44 Dead Dogs in Freezer Must be Held Accountable

Target: Scott A. Coffina, Head Prosecutor for Burlington County, New Jersey

Goal: Prosecute woman accused of massive animal abuse.

44 dead dogs were allegedly found stored in freezers throughout the home of a Shamong Township, New Jersey woman. Police were called to the residence of Donna Roberts after months of neighbor complaints concerning an acrid smell emanating from the home. According to NBC, the township had to pass special ordinances in order to investigate. Once inside, officials reported finding over 100 animals living in their own waste, with no signs of care or clean up. Officers reportedly became dizzy and nauseous just from the toxic smell of the feces- and ammonia-ridden house.

In all, 161 dogs were reportedly discovered in Donna Roberts’ residence, including the 44 dogs that were found wrapped in plastic bags in various freezers. Four of the animals were alleged to be in critical condition and were immediately shipped to emergency clinics. The rest of the surviving dogs have been vaccinated and are now being taken care of by six different animal shelters. Roberts has been released from custody and is awaiting trial. There is no information yet on how or why 161 dogs were found in her residence. It is clear that whoever is responsible for keeping 161 dogs in a single-family home and forcing them to wallow in their own filth is guilty of a profound and disturbing act of animal cruelty and neglect.

Please sign this petition to demand that these crimes be fully investigated and that Donna Roberts, if found guilty, be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Mr. Coffina,

161 dogs were reportedly freed from the residence of Shamong County local Donna Roberts earlier this week. Local news claims that new county ordinances had to be passed just to be able to fully investigate a case of alleged animal neglect and cruelty this surprising. Police reported finding the dogs wallowing in their own feces and urine in an environment that reportedly made officers sick and dizzy from mere contact. Upon further investigation, 44 dogs were reportedly found dead and wrapped in plastic bags in various freezers throughout the house. Four other dogs were reportedly discovered in critical condition and immediately sent to emergency clinics.

Donna Roberts was arrested and after being released on bail is awaiting trial. No motive or explanation has been uncovered for how 161 dogs reportedly became trapped in her single-family home. What is clear is whoever is responsible for neglecting so many animals, likely to the point of death in dozens of cases, is guilty of heinous animal cruelty and neglect. It is your responsibility to ensure this case is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I demand that you fully investigate this case and request the harshest penalties for these heinous allegations.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Monmouth County SPCA

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  1. Renee DeMartin says:

    She was not a hoarder for whom things got out of control. This is animal cruelty of a high order. I’m so tired of these sickos getting off with a slap on the wrist. She needs to pay financially to support the dogs turned over to the shelters along with massive fines and prison time and be barred forever from ever owning any animal again. Of course, her “becoming dead” would also work.

  2. So sad, this touch me to the core as I live in NJ and I love DOGS, I hope all the dogs find responsible TLC homes and this demented woman gets psychological help and banned her from owning pets??

  3. unfucking believable!!!!!
    unless she was selling these dogs (which is unlikely as people would’ve had to see the filth), she was a hoarder, but i do not understand how the local community is not allowed to intervene. the local shelters, the authorities………..?????? come on !!!!
    unfucking believable !!!!!

  4. She is definitely a sicko and needs psychiatric help but that doesn’t excuse what she did to these animals. This is animal abuse at it highest and she has to be held accountable. She should have left every last one of them where she found them so they could have had good homes. And hopefully she will get jail time so the inmates can treat her the way she treated these animals. N.J. please don’t ever allow her to have another animal in her life time!

  5. That woman actually deserves to die. But, since that won’t happen because there’s no death penalty, she MUST be charged severely and harshly. She has to spend at least 10 years in jail with no early parole. Pay a $200,000 fine, and never be allowed to own or go near any animals ever again in her lifetime. Those poor dogs she had, that are now in different shelters, better not be given back to her. Get them adopted out to loving forever homes.

  6. Mary Harrington says:

    Wait a minute…did I read this correctly? It took months for police to check out this woman and the smell coming from her house before they decided it was important enough to check it out? I blame the heartless police person in charge for neglect to sent someone out to check out this sick person….who probably will not suffer anything except a slap on the hand. And probably will be allowed to keep these poor living, feeling, hurting and given a chance loving beings.


  8. Stephanie Geyser says:

    If “officers reportedly became dizzy and nauseous just from the toxic smell…..”, then how did this woman live there, 24/7? Her money-grabbing lawyers will probably plead “temporary insanity” or some other garbage relating to her mental state. And she will get off with a little slap on the wrist, to continue abusing animals.

  9. This human female needs to be locked away herself, for life. One evil, horrible psycho scum that our animals and society can do without.

  10. michael gerl says:

    erschlagt diese seißß schlampe öffentlich

  11. michael gerl says:

    öffenlich hinrichten die schlampe

  12. Felicia Scheuttig says:

    This her ass in jail for life. The first one might be accidental but 44 that’s just a sick Psychopath

  13. The law must never, ever allow her to have animals again. Ever.

  14. Felipe Mitraud says:

    Burn this witch on the fire !!

  15. This sick whats wrong with this women donna 161 dogs in all this women should get jail she sick nasty to hide dead boudys 44 of them iam happy they git there before more were killed she should.never be allowed to own or go near any pets shes out on bail well we no u u dirt bag and u r a sick case i hope your day in gods eye u get what we ask i bet some want more but lets let that be ok for now no that your day is comming soon and we will push u no there r inmstes ya they eork we ith dogs just a word out and u r good hands lol u pice of shit

  16. Deborah Zwicke says:

    There is absolutely no excuse for this. She has to be very sick in the head. I feel anyone could get help for these pups if they really asked. Today we have so many organizations and even independent people willing to help any animal. She needs the greatest punishment able to be given. She has no way to tell anyone that she cared in any way.

  17. THIS FAT PIG OF AN INBRED WHORE MOST LIKELY STARVED THESE ANIMALS AND MISTREATED THEM!!! WHAT A PIECE OF VILE EXCREMENT SHE IS, her full name is Donna Marie Roberts aka donna marie truex and lives in Shamong, NJ. Go look at her photo, inbred, vile, disgusting and A MONSTER!!! Starve the ugly bitch!!! She looks like she could lose 500 lbs easily!!! UGH, I DESPISE SUCH SUBHUMANS LIKE HER!!! I hope she dies in the most excruciatingly painful way possible. Toss the filthy carcass into the trash where it belongs!!!!

  18. Sherry Norris says:

    Usually I feel anger when I hear about cases like this… I’m anxious to hear more about this case before they burn her to the stake! Sometimes people try to help animals but can’t afford spay and neuter so they end up with more and more animals than they need! And they feel lost in how to go about it, because they fear all the world want to do is kill of the animals so they hide them… So sad! I feel sadness for them! I feel animals deserve better treatment from our government,our State!!! people who are trying to help animals deserve help not judgement!!! It’s crazy for her to have this amount of animals in a single family home! Please find out her story before judging her! I believe she tried to do right by keeping them… but it was the hardess job anyone can take on… Maybe every one deserves to be allowed pets!!! Live apartments,condo etc alot of places aren’t allowed animals of any kind! That’s why we have an overkill and situations like that!!!

    • She has a long history of violations. She was not hoarding. She was convicted in 2001 for Animal Cruelty selling sick puppies. She’s a backyard breeder/puppymill. Please, look her up. Many people have tried for many years to no avail…She has a sordid past and a lot of legal issues.

  19. Sharon Rudyk says:

    Why the hell was she released????? OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE!!! Should not be let out for years…..if humans actually had to experience the same that they are putting upon these poor animals, perhaps this crap would STOP!!!

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